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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

The Screenwriting Life Podcast is the Writing Friend You Didn’t Know You Needed

Writers can lead lonely lives. We seek solitude to find our creative space but feel like no one can relate to what we’re struggling with when we hit a block. Does anyone understand me?! I say it to myself often.

Enter Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna, co-hosts of The Screenwriting Life, a popular podcast you can find on Spotify, Anchor, and Apple Podcasts.

The Screenwriting Life podcast features guests that share their hard-won insight into not only the craft of screenwriting but the life of a writer and how to thrive in the profession or hobby. It aims to reassure writers that they’re not alone in their journey by building community.

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Recent guests include Maggie Cohn and Antonio Campus, co-showrunners on “The Staircase” on HBO Max, and Joey Tuccio, Founder of Roadmap Writers, a screenwriting education and training platform.

It feels good to know someone “gets it,” like a writing friend you can lean on when you just need someone who understands.

And Meg and Lorien certainly understand. Meg’s resume includes a long list of writing credits, including as an Oscar-nominated writer on Pixar’s “Inside Out” and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel.” Lorien worked in the story department for Pixar on films like “Up,” “Brave,” and “The Good Dinosaur.” Together, these writers have experienced the high highs and the low lows, and they’ve lived to tell about it.

Below, listen to Meg explain the podcast and its purpose in her own words.

Find The Screenwriting Life on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

“The Screenwriting Life Podcast is a podcast that Lorien and I started to create community for writers. It’s definitely about the craft. We want to talk to emerging writers about the how-to, the craft challenges, and the skillsets they need, and for sure, we talk about that. But our real love, and why we started it as well, is just to create community because the artistry is so important to us. And that can be hard; it’s emotionally challenging, and we wanted a place that people could come as writers to feel inspired and to know that they’re not alone.

I think people hold a bar about screenwriting, as if, when you’re a professional, you just sit down and do it. Like, you’re done. You never self-doubt again, you never feel like a fraud, you kind of always know what to write. And, of course, none of that is true. Every professional writer, when they start again, isn’t sure, doubts, and has to figure it all out as if they’ve just started. So, it’s more to let people know the reality of the writing as an inspiration.

Sometimes when you talk to young writers, they say things like, “Well, I got a lot of notes, and it was really hard for me to write it, and I have a lot of doubt, so I must not be a writer.” And my response is, “No, that means you are a writer.”

Lorien and I want people to feel that they’re not alone and that this is the process.”

We’re in it together. No, really,

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