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How Many Scenes Are in a TV Show Script?

How Many Scenes Are in a TV Show Script?

A televisions script is a little like a regular screenplay, but also different in some fundamental ways. The number of scenes will vary by the length of your show, its number of acts, and the type of show you’re writing. If you’re sitting down to write your first television script, worry less about the following guidelines and more about the number of scenes it takes to tell your story effectively. You can always cut down the number, shorten the length, or change things to make the script fit a specific mold later. But in this day and age, hard and fast rules about television writing are becoming rare since there aren’t ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
Bryan Young, Ross Brown, Monica Piper, and Ricky Roxburgh over blue background

How to Create Unforgettable Characters

They're relatable. They make you feel less alone in your experiences. You hate them, you love them, and you love to hate them. Your favorite oh-so-quotable characters didn't get that way by accident, and the good news is there are tried-and-true formulas to help you develop characters just as addicting – perhaps, even more so! So, without further ado, let's meet some remarkable characters who play entertainment industry professionals in real life! They graciously lent their own character development tips so you can learn their four character development secrets. Learn more about these pros in their bios ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Jonathan Maberry, Jeanne Bowerman, and Doug Richardson over a graphic that says "Why Write Stories"

Why Write Stories? These 3 Pros Inspire Us with Their Responses

We somehow assembled this power panel of professional creatives during an interview session last year, and just uncovered a gem of a discussion between them on the topic of stories, specifically, why we write stories. Read the inspirational writing quotes from the interview below, or take five minutes to watch the video interview for writing inspiration. The discussion features some of our favorite writers from various backgrounds. Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times bestselling suspense author, comic book writer, and playwright, and teacher. “V-Wars,” a Netflix series based on Maberry’s hugely popular comic ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Write a TV Pilot Episode

How to Write a TV Pilot Episode

Our favorite TV shows had to start somewhere, and that somewhere is the pilot episode. A television pilot episode is the first episode of a series that introduces the audience to the world of that television show. The script should set up the story and characters to hook both early readers (such as agents, producers, and the like) and, later, viewers. Writers use pilot screenplays to pitch show ideas and may have even written a few additional episodes to show off. Writers also use pilot scripts to get into a writers’ room. Often, showrunners will want to see a spec script written for the show that they’re hiring for ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
Danny Manus, Monica Piper, and Ricky Roxburgh on blue background

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes These Writers Did

You know the phrase: Hindsight is 20-20. We all make mistakes that we wouldn’t have had we known better, but we can all make fewer of them by learning from those who’ve trodded paths before us in this information-sharing era. Lucky for you, we found some generous creatives who were willing to share some of the biggest mistakes they’ve either made or see made in the entertainment industry. These are career-killers, not just “oops” types of errors. With that said, readers take heed! Ahead, you’ll hear the top six mistakes writers make from Monica Piper (producer, writer, and comedian, with credits on ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Donald Hewitt graphic that says "How Do I Pitch My Screenplay?"

Screenwriter Donald Hewitt Tells You How to Nail a Pitch

Screenwriting is a three-part business: write your script, network, and pitch your script so you can sell it and see it turned into a film. Wondering how to pitch a screenplay in Hollywood? An opportunity to pitch your screenplay to a producer may fall into your lap on a rare occasion, but most of the time, you’re going to have to work at selling your screenplay. There are a few places to submit your screenplay, and a few things you can do to prepare to pitch your script if an opportunity comes your way. Screenwriter Donald Hewitt is going to help you get ready! Hewitt’s credits include the adapted screenplay for ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Make Money with Your Screenplay

How to Make Money with Your Screenplay

You’ve finished your screenplay. You spent time painstakingly planning and plotting it out, you did the hard work of getting the first draft down, and then you came back time and time again doing the necessary rewriting. Congratulations, finishing a screenplay is no small feat! But now what? Do you sell the thing, enter it into competitions, or try to get it made? Don’t let it sit on a shelf collecting dust. Here’s how to make money with your screenplay. The first thing that probably comes to mind is selling your screenplay to a production company or securing an option. How do you go about that? There are a few possibilities ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
Online Resources for Screenwriters, featuring Bryan Young, Danny Manus, and Ricky Roxburgh

Writers Reveal Their Favorite Online Resources

Trying to sort through the overabundance of storytelling information out there? You’ve come to the right place. We interviewed some top entertainment industry professionals and asked them how they stay up to date on the latest in creative news. From trade publications to Twitter feeds and podcasts to obscure but oh-so-valuable blogs, get ready to bookmark your heart out with these hot tips from the pros. Pro #1 hails from Hollywood, where he helps writers sharpen their scripts for primetime. Danny Manus owns No BullScript Consulting. He offers everything from story brainstorming help to ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Michael Stackpole and Peter Dunne over a graphic that says "Why Write Stories?"

Emmy Winner Peter Dunne and NY Times Best Seller Michael Stackpole Talk Story with SoCreate

Why do authors write stories? At SoCreate, we’ve posed the question to most writers we meet, from novelists to screenwriters, because their answers are always inspiring. While we usually want to know how to write stories for movies, the “why” is just as important, as is the “where.” Where do writers find inspiration in writing?From things to write stories about, to how to get writing inspiration, every writer seems to have a different purpose and outlook. Our interview with Emmy Winner Peter Dunne and New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Stackpole was no different. I hope their responses give ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Sell a Screenplay to Hallmark

How to Sell a Screenplay to Hallmark

Hallmark is much more than just a greeting card company. Whether it’s the holiday movies, the romantic comedies, or even its mysteries, many of us know and love the Hallmark channel. The stories just have this certain addictive cheesy quality to them, in the best way, of course! Think you’ve got the storytelling chops to match the movie style on Hallmark? Here’s how screenwriters get their stories in front of the network for consideration. Much like Netflix, Hallmark doesn’t accept unsolicited script submissions, which means that you can’t just send in a screenplay for consideration. The network will either forgo ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia

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