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How to Find the Meaning of a Story

How to Find the Meaning in Your Screenplay’s Story

“The great stories make you feel less alone in the world.” – Phil Cousineau. SoCreate’s interview with Phil Cousineau, a storyteller with many credits to his name, held many “ah-ha” moments for me. Of course, I know there’s a reason we tell stories, but Cousineau really made it click for me with that quote above. Stories help us understand the world and our place in it. And stories let us know that we are not alone in our experiences. Audiences invest themselves in stories that have some relevance and meaning to them. And while not every story has been told (in terms of plot), Cousineau argues that the underpinnings ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Transition Between Scenes in a Screenplay

How to Transition Between Scenes in a Screenplay

When sitting down and writing out the first draft of your script, you’ve got all these different things planned out, but how often do you stop and consider the transitions between scenes? How much focus should you even put into transitions? Isn’t it enough to just imply cutting to the next scene? Why do we need transitions anyway? You’ve got questions, and I’ve got answers! Today I’m talking all about how to transition between scenes in a screenplay. What is a Scene Transition? Transitions are essentially directions to editors about how to move from one shot to the next. The most popular transition CUT TO ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
How to Create Work-Life Balance for Screenwriters

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Writers

Ahhh, the elusive work-life balance. What does it mean, anyway? Is it even possible to have a consistent state of balance in our lives? Maybe work-life balance isn't possible at all times, but it has to be one of the best feelings when you achieve it. I fall in and out of work-life balance, but I always keep it at the back of my mind. For someone who writes for a living, as I do, it is vital to keep a clear mind to stay creative and productive. A clear mind does not come from a cluttered state of being. Work-life balance is crucial because it helps me feel less stressed, have a better sense of well-being, and be more productive at work ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Are Script Consultants Valuable? Writer Jeanne V. Bowerman Says Yes

Are Script Consultants Valuable? This Screenwriter Says Yes, and Here’s Why

Depending on where you’re at in your screenwriting craft, you may have considered hiring a script consultant. Also called script doctors or script coverage (with varying definitions of what, exactly, each provides), these varying screenwriting consultants could be a valuable tool if you know how to use them. I wrote a blog about the topic where you can learn more, including pointers about the best way to choose a consultant that’s right for you. In it, I cover: When you should hire a script consultant; What to look for in a script consultant; What a current screenplay consultant says about hiring screenplay help. If you’re ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Find an Investor for Your Movie

How to Find an Investor for Your Movie

You have a great movie idea, and you’re just dying to start production, but you find yourself missing that one key thing: money! You’re not alone. As if finishing a screenplay wasn’t already hard enough, figuring out how to go about getting your project funded is a challenge for all independent filmmakers. Today, I want to give you some advice on how to find an investor for your movie. Let’s get that screenplay produced! When you think of movie investors, you’re probably thinking that they’re primarily residing in Los Angeles. So, here’s your first big “ah-ha” moment: I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be based in ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
How to Maintain Consistency In Your Screenwriting

How to Be a Consistent Writer

Consistency is two-fold. It would help if you write on a consistent basis, but your writing should eventually have a consistent feel, too, whether in a screenplay or another creative writing pursuit. You want quantity and quality when it comes to this word. You want to learn how to be a consistent writer. I caught up with Ross Brown, a veteran TV writer with screen credits that include “Step by Step” and “The Facts of Life.” He’s also written plays and a book. He teaches up-and-coming writers to develop their unique voice and style through the Creative Writing MFA program at Antioch University in Santa Barbara, California ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

On this day in history

Toronto Film

  • founded 45 years ago

This Month in Filmmaking History - September 2021 Roundup

The very first Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF as it’s often abbreviated, happened on this day in history in 1976. Nearly half a million people attend the event every year. The event has morphed into a permanent aspect in Toronto as well, occupying a space in the downtown area that offers year-round screenings, workshops, and industry support. TIFF drew 35,000 people and 127 films from 30 different countries in its first year, but Hollywood did not show up. American filmmakers felt that the Canadian audience would have too conservative a view to appreciate its projects. The event is now one of the largest ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Grow As a Screenwriter

How to Grow As a Screenwriter

Even for screenwriters who write professionally at a day job, learning how to grow as a screenwriter is essential to both career and personal success. Growth keeps things interesting, adds challenges, and helps us feel more fulfilled as creatives. At work, it helps us land newer, bigger, or better opportunities and keeps our day jobs from feeling monotonous. Is your creative hobby feeling stagnant? It may be time to give yourself a manual push if your regular writing practice isn't cutting it. Lucky for you, breaking out of a writing rut is easy if you put a little effort into it. We asked professional screenwriter Ricky Roxburgh ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Tax Write-Offs For Screenwriters

Tax Write-Offs For Screenwriters

Ugh, tax season. It’s a dreaded time of year. Once it’s over, you don’t want to even think about it until tax season rolls around again the following year. But what if I told you that I had some tips to help screenwriters save some money on their taxes? Everybody loves saving money, so make an exception to open up that “taxes” part of your brain outside of tax season and keep reading to find out about tax write-offs just for screenwriters. You’ll want to keep track of these things as the year goes on. Heads up, I’m no tax professional, just another screenwriter that has to contend with taxes every year myself! If you have specific ... Continue reading
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  • Victoria Lucia
Is It Hard to be a Screenwriter? Writer Robert Jury Answers

Is It Hard to be a Screenwriter? Writer Robert Jury Answers

Screenwriter, producer, and director Robert Jury climbed the ladder in Hollywood through hard work and determination. He’s done the LA thing, and he’s also been successful as a writer living in his current home of Iowa City, Iowa. Over the course of a couple of decades, Jury learned that there’s no substitution for perseverance and passion. So, we loved his answer when we posed the question so many aspiring writers ask, “Is it hard to be a screenwriter?” Jury started his career as a script reader, interned at Warner Bros. Pictures, and worked for Touchstone Pictures Company. “Back in the old days, I would lug home a dozen ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

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