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SoCreate's CEO Justin Couto Joins Ceren on "Movie Reviews" Podcast

We're thrilled to share that our very own CEO and founder, Justin Couto, recently made a special guest appearance on the European podcast, "Movie Reviews with Ceren!" This amazing opportunity brought SoCreate to the forefront of the film industry conversation in a region where the SoCreate community is growing, and we couldn't be more proud. In case you're new to Ceren's podcast, it's a well-regarded platform where listeners across the globe gain insight into the cinematic universe. Ceren dives into movie reviews, explores trending topics, and conducts interviews with key figures ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Press Release: Innovative Startup SoCreate Revolutionizes Screenwriting with Groundbreaking Software

San Luis Obispo, CA – SoCreate, the trailblazing software company based at Cal Poly State University's Technology Park, unveils its industry-transforming tool, SoCreate Writer today. This cloud-based application equips writers at all levels with the tools to transform their story ideas into fully realized scripts for film, TV, and short stories. For too long, writers have been grappling with outdated and complex screenwriting software that often hinders creativity and results in writer's block. In response to this, SoCreate founder Justin Couto, himself a former aspiring screenwriter, saw the need for an intuitive ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

SoCreate Explores the State of the 2021 Film Industry in Latest Lunch Meet Discussion

Times, they are a-changin'. The COVID-19 pandemic flipped many industries on their heads, and the film sector was not immune. The SoCreate Outreach Team keeps a pulse on film and TV industry trends, and with so much to catch up on in 2020 news, we decided to bring the rest of the team along for the ride with our latest Lunch Meet. The team-led learning series is now virtual, but the discussion was no less spirited. From the current state of production to movie theaters, streaming, and staff TV show recommendations, we covered it all! So, how's the film industry faring in our newfound reality? Well, there's good news, there's bad news ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Computer screen shows code and Gymnastics Score Tracker

SoCreate Engineer Bends Over Backward to Build His Latest Side Project

We’re kicking off the new year with an old favorite! I was thrilled to get back to SoCreate’s regularly scheduled programming in this remote work era and sit down for one of our signature Lunch Meets, a team-led learning series on cool new tech and personal team member projects. While we’d typically pull up a chair and bring our lunch to the conference room, we renewed the series as a virtual presentation via Microsoft Teams, and it was so fun to hear what senior software engineer Dana Desrosiers has been up to in his spare time. Needless to say, he has not been sitting on the bench ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
The SoCreate Team appears in a grid on a laptop screen for a virtual meeting

2020: A Year For Reflection, #WFH, and Lots of Hope

2020: What a year. And, I know I’m not the first person to utter that phrase! My usual end-of-year celebratory post full of holiday party pictures and gifts will be a no-show this year. But still, now that I have some time to look back on it, there are three specific things I am so proud of and thankful for when I reflect on the way SoCreate fared through one heck of a time in our history. 1. We Are Still Standing, Dare I Say Charging Ahead: Yes, we are still standing, and no, not standing still. We forged ahead on SoCreate Screenwriting Software development and grew the community of writers waiting patiently for it. We ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Athena Pruett in front of SoCreate logo wall

SoCreate Expands Its Outreach Team with Intern Athena Pruett

One might say Athena Pruett is already an entertainment expert, so she fits in perfectly with the creative powerhouses on our Outreach team here at SoCreate! Athena will be interning with SoCreate to expand our outreach work within the writing community. Athena grew up on the stage and still spends most of her time in the dance studio. And I, for one, am thrilled to have another dancer in my (virtual) midst. Having also been born with jazz hands, I know that dancers are trained in the craft of discipline, encouragement, and appreciation for other artists. It’s a perfect combination of skills for the work she’ll ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Holly Capp in front of the SoCreate mural

Hired on During a Pandemic? It's No Sweat for SoCreate's New Designer, Holly Capp

You read that right. Even during a global pandemic, SoCreate is still hiring. We just couldn't pass up a talent like our newest UX designer, Holly Capp. Plus, her story with SoCreate actually starts way back in 2019. Remember that year? Phew, it's been an interesting few months! Our founder Justin Couto first approached Holly on LinkedIn late last year (keep your LinkedIn's up to date, people because this is how SoCreate found me, too!). Impressed by her resume, which included a BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY Oswego, home and office product design, and design and project management at ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
UX Developer Stephanie Stampher

Where Art Meets Tech: Stephanie Stampher Joins SoCreate’s UX Team

It’s rare to meet someone who excels in both left and right-brained activities, but ladies and gentlemen, we’ve found ourselves that very combination in our newest team member, Stephanie Stampher. Stephanie joined our UX Team just shy of the shelter-in-place orders in California due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that has not dimmed her light. She’s a cheery and dedicated addition to SoCreate, and her talents are many! Stephanie went to college to earn an applied math degree, and she fell in love with coding during her required programming classes. She decided that she loved it ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Autumn painting

SoCreate’s OTHER Top Secret Project Gets Help from Artists Autumn Smith and Carter Broad

Oh, you thought we were only building revolutionary screenwriting software over here at SoCreate? You must not know our founder Justin Couto very well! If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time with this company, it’s that we do nothing halfway. We won’t even stop at 99.99 percent! And that’s why regular ol’ office décor won’t do. We’re painting our own Sistine Chapel, screenwriting style. What does that mean, exactly? Well, we can’t show you until it’s done, so you’ll have to wait and see. But here are some hints: We’ve got two full-time artists on board, and they’ve got scaffolding that’s... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Karen Tillman Godaddy presentation

Learning from the Big Guys: GoDaddy on Reputation, Hate Speech, and Public Policy in Tech

I am amazed at the number of talented people who choose to call the small City of San Luis Obispo home. I guess we are ideally located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, have stunning hills to the east and shining seas to our west, and continually rank as one of the best places to live. Maybe I shouldn’t be so amazed? But still, when the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Small Business Development Center said the upcoming (and free) “Coffee and Conversation” series would feature Karen Tillman, Chief Communications Officer at GoDaddy, I had to cheer and sign up to attend. It... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Our Mission

It's SoCreate's mission to unite the world through storytelling.

We will achieve this mission by creating the simplest, yet most powerful screenwriting software the world has ever seen.  We believe that delivering the world's stories through the vehicle of screenwriting will facilitate the most diverse and compelling stream of movies and television ever imagined. 

At SoCreate we make it FUN and EASY for storytellers around the world to transform their unique ideas into TV or movie scripts. It's just that simple!

Our Core Values

  • Always Put the Writer First

    Always Put
    the Storyteller First

  • Keep it Simple

    it Simple

  • Focus on the Details

    Focus on
    the Details

  • Be Deliberate


  • Work Hard, Be Smart, and Do What's Right

    Work Hard, Be Smart,
    and Do What's Right

  • Remember, there's Always Another Way

    Remember, there's
    Always Another Way

Our Team

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like … Beta 1!

Christmas came early for the SoCreate team this past month. During our monthly all-hands meeting, our founder Justin Couto unveiled the latest version of SoCreate, and let me tell you … it is SO. MUCH. FUN. While I’ve seen the software and all we have planned for it plenty of times before, SoCreate is now at a place where we can play with it, and so far, it is everything we’d hoped it would be and more. That means Beta 1 is closer than ever. Perhaps the most fun thing about SoCreate Screenwriting Software is how easy it makes writing. You can’t help but want to tap the keyboard as soon as you see it ... Continue reading

Founder's Blog

You Are Not What You Do!

In my life, I have been fortunate. I grew up with two wonderful parents that loved me no matter what and made me believe I could achieve anything I set my mind to. As an adult with many years of reflection under my belt, I realize not everyone gets the lucky break I did to have that kind of upbringing. People aren’t always taught to go all in and to believe their station in life can be whatever they want it to be. My parents were polar opposites. My dad was extremely risk-averse when it came to his career. He worked the same job for more than 50 years. He thought about himself one way, as a heavy equipment ... Continue reading