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SoCreate's CEO Justin Couto Joins Ceren on "Movie Reviews" Podcast

We're thrilled to share that our very own CEO and founder, Justin Couto, recently made a special guest appearance on the European podcast, "Movie Reviews with Ceren!" This amazing opportunity brought SoCreate to the forefront of the film industry conversation in a region where the SoCreate community is growing, and we couldn't be more proud. In case you're new to Ceren's podcast, it's a well-regarded platform where listeners across the globe gain insight into the cinematic universe. Ceren dives into movie reviews, explores trending topics, and conducts interviews with key figures ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Press Release: Innovative Startup SoCreate Revolutionizes Screenwriting with Groundbreaking Software

San Luis Obispo, CA – SoCreate, the trailblazing software company based at Cal Poly State University's Technology Park, unveils its industry-transforming tool, SoCreate Writer today. This cloud-based application equips writers at all levels with the tools to transform their story ideas into fully realized scripts for film, TV, and short stories. For too long, writers have been grappling with outdated and complex screenwriting software that often hinders creativity and results in writer's block. In response to this, SoCreate founder Justin Couto, himself a former aspiring screenwriter, saw the need for an intuitive ... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
All of the SoCreate women get together for a ladies lunch to reconnect on work and life

Movie-Themed White Elephant Gifts for the Holidays

Need a gift for the movie-lover in your life? The women on our SoCreate team have just the thing! We rang in the holiday season with a Ladies Lunch at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, which was decorated from floor to ceiling in kitschy yuletide cheer. And we came bearing gifts: movie-themed presents for a White Elephant gift exchange. Every month, all of the SoCreate women get together for a ladies lunch to reconnect on work and life. Women are underrepresented in our software creating industry, and we want to change that! So, this lunch helps the team connect and support each other. And... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Courtney Meznarich

Now Playing: SoCreate's New Director of Community Outreach, Courtney Meznarich!

SoCreate is growing its outreach team, with the addition of our new director of community outreach, Courtney Meznarich. Courtney joins SoCreate at a crucial juncture: over the next several months, we’re preparing to revolutionize screenwriting, and Courtney will help us shout it from the rooftops! Courtney’s background spans journalism, performing arts, marketing, and public relations, making her uniquely qualified to tell SoCreate’s story. Courtney’s love of writing started in a Paso Robles High School journalism classroom, where she quickly rose to editor-in-chief of the Crimson... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich
Autumn painting

SoCreate’s OTHER Top Secret Project Gets Help from Artists Autumn Smith and Carter Broad

Oh, you thought we were only building revolutionary screenwriting software over here at SoCreate? You must not know our founder Justin Couto very well! If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time with this company, it’s that we do nothing halfway. We won’t even stop at 99.99 percent! And that’s why regular ol’ office décor won’t do. We’re painting our own Sistine Chapel, screenwriting style. What does that mean, exactly? Well, we can’t show you until it’s done, so you’ll have to wait and see. But here are some hints: We’ve got two full-time artists on board, and they’ve got scaffolding that’s... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

The Magic Behind The SoCreate Mural - Anthony Harris

If you have ever visited the SoCreate office, you may know about our awesome wall mural that stands just outside of our conference room, but what most people do NOT know is that it was designed and created by our very own, in-house artist, Anthony Harris! In today's blog post, we will share Anthony's story including his background in art, the process of designing and painting the SoCreate mural, and a sneak peek into the future art plans for the rest of the office. For as long as he can remember, Anthony has been interested in art. As a graphic design major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he had the... Continue reading
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  • Alli Unger
Few but mighty SoCreate ladies lunch alli Unger, Amber Black, and Rosa Couto

Few but Mighty! SoCreate's First-Ever Monthly Ladies Lunch

Last week, our three SoCreate ladies met up for the first-EVER SoCreate Monthly Ladies Lunch. With 17 total SoCreate team members, made up of 14 guys and only 3 ladies, you can imagine how nice it was for our gals to get together for lunch to just chat. The idea for the monthly Ladies Lunch actually did not come from one of us, but rather from our founder and CEO, Justin Couto. He came to me about a month ago with the idea of implementing these monthly get-togethers to give our ladies a chance to hang out away from all of that 'office testosterone.' ;) As we continue to grow as a company... Continue reading
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  • Alli Unger
John Jenson

May We Have Your Attention For New Team Member, John Jenson

Well, readers, we have made it to our final new SoCreate team member introduction! Last, but most CERTAINLY not least, please put your virtual hands together and welcome our third new software engineer, John Jenson! We are excited to have you here, John. John was born in Gilroy, CA (that makes two of us from the Garlic Capital of the World :) ), and lived there for the first two years of his life. At age 2, John and his family moved to Utah where they lived for a few years before returning to California and landing on the Central Coast. After high school, John headed down to UC Santa Barbara where his.. Continue reading
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  • Alli Unger

Signing Off!

It is with a heavy heart that I bid you farewell, readers! It has been an amazing ride, but I am sad to report that my time at SoCreate is coming to a close. It has been a true pleasure writing for you! When I reflect back on my last year at SoCreate, I have nothing but positive memories. I cannot express how grateful I am for this wonderful community of writers that I’ve come to know so well and for all of the amazing learning opportunities I’ve been presented with during my time here. Working at SoCreate…where do I start? What an amazing experience! I came into this position just over a year out ofl... Continue reading
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  • Alli Unger
Man and woman work together on laptop

Why Male Allies Are Important in Tech, Now More Than Ever

I’d still consider myself a tech world newbie. There’s lots to love about it – being part of building something new, the comradery and “we’re all in it together” attitude, starting something from scratch, and constant innovation and education. Perhaps I don’t know enough just yet to point out many things I don’t like, but I have one very obvious observation. The tech world is a man’s world. That’s changing, however, and we have both women AND men to thank for leading the conversation. "It's no secret that the world of startups and venture is heavily male-dominated, however, time and time... Continue reading
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  • Courtney Meznarich

Our Mission

It's SoCreate's mission to unite the world through storytelling.

We will achieve this mission by creating the simplest, yet most powerful screenwriting software the world has ever seen.  We believe that delivering the world's stories through the vehicle of screenwriting will facilitate the most diverse and compelling stream of movies and television ever imagined. 

At SoCreate we make it FUN and EASY for storytellers around the world to transform their unique ideas into TV or movie scripts. It's just that simple!

Our Core Values

  • Always Put the Writer First

    Always Put
    the Storyteller First

  • Keep it Simple

    it Simple

  • Focus on the Details

    Focus on
    the Details

  • Be Deliberate


  • Work Hard, Be Smart, and Do What's Right

    Work Hard, Be Smart,
    and Do What's Right

  • Remember, there's Always Another Way

    Remember, there's
    Always Another Way

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SoCreate Guest Zach Sailer Takes Us on a Tour of Project Jupyter, and It's Literally Out of this World

Houston, Jupyter has gone to Mars, Project Jupyter that is, via the Curiosity Mars Rover. This open-source software project, started by a Cal Poly Professor and a student, helped gather data from the second-smallest planet in our solar system and sent it back to earth to a Jupyter Notebook for processing. And as if that wasn’t cool enough, Jupyter is an incredibly valuable tool even if you’re not planning on going to outer space any time soon. It has changed the way industries get work done, ranging from university research, to space exploration, to finance, to streaming. SoCreate had the pleasure of hosting... Continue reading

Founder's Blog

You Are Not What You Do!

In my life, I have been fortunate. I grew up with two wonderful parents that loved me no matter what and made me believe I could achieve anything I set my mind to. As an adult with many years of reflection under my belt, I realize not everyone gets the lucky break I did to have that kind of upbringing. People aren’t always taught to go all in and to believe their station in life can be whatever they want it to be. My parents were polar opposites. My dad was extremely risk-averse when it came to his career. He worked the same job for more than 50 years. He thought about himself one way, as a heavy equipment ... Continue reading