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Doodle of SoCreate CEO Justin Couto and SoCreate CFO Rosa Couto watching a movie.

Part 1: The Ultimate Movie Watch List, a 2013 Flashback

It is no secret that I love movies. I have always loved movies so much that I have been on a twenty-year journey to transform the way people create stories for them. Until the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, my wife Rosa, who is also the SoCreate CFO, and I would go to the movies as often as we could. Since 2013, anytime we'd watch a film, whether we went to the theatre or not, we'd rate it and record where we saw the movie, the date we saw it, and who we saw it with... Continue reading
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A Doodle struggling to push through a brick wall.

Bootstrapping Ain't Easy: You Can Only Win if You Keep on Pushing

No one starts a business to have it fail, but unfortunately, that is what happens all too often. I know I certainly had many close calls with business failure while running my former companies, and the weight of those seemingly inevitable failures baring down on you is crushing. It can be kryptonite to the point that your paralyzed and utterly ineffective at finding a way out. I believe there is always a way out, and the key to finding it is just to keep pushing forward. My Dad used to say, "There's always another way, and if you keep looking, you'll find it." His advice ... Continue reading
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Introducing SoCreate, The Future Of Screenwriting!

Today is a new day. It’s the day we ratchet forward the dial on our time machine as we begin to build a bridge to a new dimension, to a future where creators that write for the screen are unbounded by the rigid frameworks they currently must adhere to. This is a future I have been thinking about for a very long time. It is a future that will be funded by the past 10 years of hard work, dedication, and my family’s life savings. It is an inflection point that will cause a cataclysmic change in the way creative works are brought to life. It will be the new reality that writers have craved since they began imagining stories... Continue reading
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Get our founder Justin Couto's thoughts and opinions on screenwriting, the screenwriting industry, business, technology, and the culture of excellence we are building at SoCreate.

Our Mission

It's SoCreate's mission to unite the world through storytelling.

We will achieve this mission by creating the simplest, yet most powerful screenwriting enabler the world has ever seen.  We believe that delivering the world's stories through the vehicle of screenwriting will facilitate the most diverse and compelling stream of movies and television ever imagined. 

At SoCreate we make it FUN and EASY for storytellers around the world to transform their unique ideas into TV or movie scripts. It's just that simple!

Our Core Values

  • Always Put the Writer First

    Always Put
    the Storyteller First

  • Keep it Simple

    it Simple

  • Focus on the Details

    Focus on
    the Details

  • Be Deliberate


  • Work Hard, Be Smart, and Do What's Right

    Work Hard, Be Smart,
    and Do What's Right

  • Remember, there's Always Another Way

    Remember, there's
    Always Another Way

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