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Part 1: The Ultimate Movie Watch List, a 2013 Flashback

SoCreate CEO Justin Couto Noodle the Doodle and SoCreate CFO Rosa Couto Noodle the Doodle watching movies from the year 2013.

It is no secret that I love movies.  I have always loved movies so much that I have been on a twenty-year journey to transform the way people create stories for them. Until the recent Covid-19 Pandemic, my wife Rosa, who is also the SoCreate CFO, and I would go to the movies as often as we could.  Since 2013, anytime we'd watch a film, whether we went to the theatre or not, we'd rate it and record where we saw the movie, the date we saw it, and who we saw it with.  Our movie scoring system works on a scale of one-half to five stars, with no quarter stars allowed.  When our friends got word of this, they wanted us to share our movie picks with them so they would have some recommendations for things to watch at home or on their outings.  I always planned on sharing our list, but until now, I hadn't gotten around to it.  Then, the other day a friend was asking for some quarantine movie watching recommendations, and I thought there would never be a better time than now to share the movies we've watched and how we felt about them. So, today, I am going to kick off a series of monthly posts where I share what we saw in a particular year.  I am going to start with the year 2013, which was when we started our first list and was also the year before we had our first child.  So, it should be no surprise that 2013 still holds the record for our most-watched movies.  Here is what we watched in 2013:

Before you jump into the list, please note the following:

  • We watched these movies in 2013; it does not mean they were released in 2013

  • At the end of this list, I will give you my take and my personal favorites. 

  • The movies are listed in order from highest combined rating to lowest and not by date watched or released.

My Thoughts

2013 was an incredible year of movie watching for Rosa and me.  Look at all the fantastic movies we watched.  I absolutely loved Life of Pi, Mud, Rush, Before Midnight, and Zero Dark Thirty.   The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, and the Dallas Buyers Club were all also great. 

In 2013, when I first heard that the movie Before Midnight was coming out and that it was the third film in a series of films that were shot a decade apart featuring the same cast in their 20's, 30's, and 40's, I was intrigued.  This was not the kind of movie I would typically pick to see, but I loved it.  Rosa and I watched the first two at home and then went to see Before Midnight, the third in the series when it was released in theaters.  This is a great series to watch and even more so if you're in your thirties and forties because you will definitely relate to the evolution the characters experience and the change in their perspectives.  This movie has me looking forward to 2023 and wondering if they will have a 4th movie and a new stage of the character's lives. 

Out of all these incredible films, I think Life of PI is my number one pick for that year.  It is such a beautiful story, and I can't recommend it enough.  So, if you haven't seen it and you are looking for something to watch, I'd start with that one.  Then, I would work through all the movies rated a four to five.  They are all great films.  Once you've seen all of those, move down to the lower-rated movies. 

2013 was an off the charts excellent movie year.  Reviewing the list of movies Rosa and I watched brings back so many memories for me.  I hope you find this post useful in helping you chose entertainment that will keep you busy at least through next month.  That is when I will reveal our list of movies watched in 2014.

Have a good one!