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How to Find Your Creativity

Find Your Creativity

Do you find your creativity eluding you? Are you struggling to come up with new creative ideas? We’re all gifted with creativity and bright imaginations, but some of us find these things easier to access than others. Today I’m talking about how you can dig deep to find your own creativity!

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Permit yourself to make junk!

Being afraid that you might make something terrible is not how you go about embracing your creativity. Goals of perfection often get in the way of creation and lead to people being too afraid to create anything at all. You must accept and embrace the fact that producing “bad” work is just part of the process of creation! When writing, you shouldn’t expect your first draft to be perfect. Rewriting is where you can then work on the shape of a piece, mold it, and fine-tune it to produce a better outcome. There’s a reason it’s called the creative process.

Keep at it regularly

We often think that some people are creative geniuses at random, but that’s hardly the case. Most successful creatives worked at their craft regularly before finding success. Practicing your art over and over allows you to try different things and explore new stories to tell. Putting the work in consistently is bound to make you better at whatever it is you’re doing. Creative inspiration shouldn’t be left to chance but should be challenged by a daily schedule.

Be open to the new, or the weird

Sometimes we have ideas that we immediately brush off as too strange to proceed with, but what would happen if you pulled on that thread and explored it? Finding your creativity often means opening yourself up to new ideas and possibilities. You have to turn off the negative part of your brain that wants to shoot down ideas that it deems impossible and be open to giving them more consideration. Great work comes from crazy ideas.

Be kind to yourself

Great artists and creators struggle, every single one of them. You should critique your work as a means to improve it. What you shouldn’t do is be overly harsh. You’ll make mistakes, sections can be improved, but don’t beat yourself up over these things! When you’re feeling frustrated, take a step back and take a moment to be kinder to yourself. Acknowledge that the struggles are a natural part of the process and that you’ll get past them.


Incomplete works will get you nowhere. Putting in the work to finish a project is essential for anyone in a creative field to prove to themselves that they have what it takes to make something. When you’re stuck, it’ll challenge you creatively to figure out how to move past and finish, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it for the confidence it will instill in you.

Find your flow

If something is stopping you or getting in the way of finding your creative flow, remove it! Creating should be an enjoyable, rewarding process most of the time. It’s one of the reasons SoCreate’s founder dreamt up SoCreate Screenwriting Software. The software was getting in the way, so he is removing that obstacle. Sound interesting? .

Finding your creativity ultimately comes down to doing the creative work that you’re passionate about. Doing the work continuously will lead you to new ideas, new innovative breakthroughs, and a greater familiarity and understanding of the work you’re making. It may take time, but through work and exploration, creativity abounds! Practice really does make perfect. Happy writing! 

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