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30 Podcasts for Creatives in 2023

30 Podcasts for
Creatives in 2023

Choose from over 30 inspiring creativity podcasts to begin embracing your inner creativity! Nurturing your creative side can help you to lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Whether you're someone who believes they're creative or not, we all have the capacity to engage in creative pursuits. Studies show that engaging in creative projects is beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Even if you already have a creative hobby or you've taken it a step further to become a creative entrepreneur, exploring new creative outlets can be beneficial to you. Trying different creative past times can help you learn new things and avoid feeling stuck in your usual creative mediums.

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Here's a list of 30 creative podcasts that are guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing! The list of podcasts includes creative industry professionals from tattoo artists to filmmakers, proving that people from all walks of life can work creativity into their everyday life. 

1. Creative Rebels

Creativity Rebels is a podcast hosted by founders of a tattoo parlor. This inspiring podcast features interviews with creative people who have rebelled against traditional 9-5 jobs to build a creative career.

2. Creative Pep Talk

Through pep and strategy, Creative Pep Talk is a podcast that aims to help you build a balanced and thriving creative practice. Come for the pep and stay for the wacky stories and artist interviews.

3. Never Not Creative

The Never Not Creative podcast creates a community for creatives to come together and discuss issues and challenges faced in creative careers.

4. Bounce the Block

Bounce the Block is all about getting over whatever's blocking you creatively. Each week, host, and photographer Emma Croman, invites a different creative guest to tell their story and discuss how they've dealt with creative blocks in the past.

5. Start with This

From the creators of "Welcome to Night Vale," the Start with This podcast aims to put your creative writing ideas into motion. Each episode focuses on a topic like world-building or opening lines. The podcast always ends with an assignment from the hosts.

6. Being Freelance

Since 2015, the Being Freelance podcast has interviewed 250+ freelancers on their personal stories. This podcast gives a realistic, encouraging, and funny look into the professional lives of freelancers.

7. Magic Lessons

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, spends each episode of Magic Lessons coaching a creative who has gotten stuck somehow. Created as a tie-in for Gilbert's creative help book, Big Magic, this podcast dispenses wise and helpful advice based on Gilbert's own experience.

8. The Accidental Creative

Hosted by Henry Todd, The Accidental Creative provides advice to those whose careers demand creativity.

9. Overshare: Honest Conversations with Creatives

Overshare is a podcast that brings on creatives to talk about tough topics that people don't talk about enough.

10. Song Exploder

Musicians take apart one of their songs and, piece by piece, explain what went into making the song on Song Exploder.

11. How To Fail

Host, Elizabeth Day, talks to a guest about a time they failed and what it taught them on How To Fail.

12. Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds is a science fiction and fantasy podcast that interviews filmmakers, comic book writers, game designers, and novelists about what goes into making fictional worlds.

13. Sampler

In a world of so many podcasts, Sampler helps make life easier by providing listeners with the best moments from a diverse array of podcasts in Sampler.

14. Myths and Legends

Are you a fan of myths, legends, and folklore? Myths and Legends explores the history of popular tales with surprising origins.

15. ArtCurious

Written, produced, and hosted by a contemporary art curator, ArtsCurious strives to "explore the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful in Art History."

16. Design Better

Design Better is a design podcast that provides insights from renowned creative leaders, helping teams elevate their work and create incredible products.

17. Badass Creatives

Hosted by Mallory Whitfield, a New Orleans-based digital marketing and SEO specialist, artist, public speaker, and author, Badass Creatives aims to provide marketing and business advice to creatives and business owners.

18. Face to Face

Face to Face is a podcast by the world's most popular and influential architecture and design magazine, Dezeen. It offers interviews with the biggest names in architecture and design.

19. On Design

On Design Host Justyna Green has conversations with graphic designers, artists, creative directors, and entrepreneurs. They discuss inspirations and worldviews.

20. Meet the Creatives

Meet the Creatives is a podcast that seeks to bridge the gap between entry-level creatives and industry-best creative professionals. The show has featured guests from Google, Twitter, Disney, Nike, and Adobe.

21. Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money is a podcast that has host, Anna Sale, talk to guests about the big questions that are often avoided in polite conversation.

22. Digital Noir

Digital Noir dives into the world of digital design and introduces you to the people working in it through interviews with community members. 

23. UnStyled

Hosted by Global Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder of Refinery29, Christene Barberich, UnStyled explores stories of life, work, and love through the lens of what we wear.

24. 99% Invisible

The premise for 99% Invisible, a podcast about design, is that bad design sticks out while good design goes unnoticed. The podcast aims to explore the unseen and overlooked elements of design and architecture.

25. Beyond the Studio

Beyond the Studio speaks to artists honestly and practically, exploring how they make a living, manage their time, plan their finances, and approach their lives creatively.

26. The Allusionist

The Allusionist is a podcast for those who have a fascination with language. The Allusionist explores how words and phrases impact our everyday lives.

27. Art Marketing Podcast

If you're an artist wondering how you can sell your work and get ahead, this is the podcast for you. Art Marketing Podcast seeks to share market tips, tricks, and strategies to help artists establish a steadier income stream.

28. Creative Processing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Host Joseph Gordon Levitt and guests take listener questions and discuss how creative people do on Creative Processing.

29. A Beautiful Mess

Two sisters, famous for their DIY blog, tackle podcasting in A Beautiful Mess. They discuss a wide range of topics from crafts to recipes and business to life.

30. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast that takes listeners through wide-ranging conversations and topics that you likely don't know anything about but will by the end of the episode. They cover everything from champagne, to sloths, to chaos theory.

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Some of the entries on this list put out a weekly podcast, while others are less frequent. But by sampling a little bit of everything, you're sure to find your new favorite podcasts on the topic of creativity to add to your library. From creative entrepreneurs to hobbyists, I hope everyone can find a bit of inspiration among the massive community of creatives out there. Happy listening! 

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