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A Screenwriting Pro Reveals His Top Film Twitter Accounts to Follow Right Now

#FilmTwitter is an impressive community. Thousands of people – from some of the world’s most famous screenwriters to those who just landed their first spec script sale – can be found on this social platform. Have a question? #FilmTwitter probably has an answer (sometimes, for better or worse 😊), and there are plenty of people available at your fingertips if you’re looking for help. It goes both ways, of course. Don’t forget to offer a hand up to other writers looking for answers, too! And don’t forget to cheer on each other’s wins. More on that down below …

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Screenwriter and journalist Bryan Young is a heavy Twitter user with more than 17,000 followers who hang on his storytelling advice, Star Wars opinions (he is a writer for after all), and occasional cat videos.

“If you’re going to follow screenwriters on Twitter, and filmmakers on Twitter, that’s a really great place to interact with them,” he told us. “So many of them are there.”

So, we wanted to know who does Bryan follow for the best Twitter advice?

“The ones I would recommend following right off the top of my head are …"

  • Robert Cargill, who is the writer behind Doctor Strange, and he used to write for “Ain’t It Cool News” for many, many years, and then transitioned into screenwriting.

  • Rian Johnson. Rian Johnson’s a great filmmaker, and his insight into things is really fantastic.

  • The other one I would recommend is Script Magazine. Script Magazine’s feed is chock full of nuggets about screenwriting and interviews with screenwriters. Sometimes I write those, too.

  • And also me. You can follow me on Twitter. I’m @swankmotron.”

I want to add a few of my own recommendations here, too. Hey, I’m allowed to! This is my blog!

  • SoCreate, obviously … I mean, we are putting out How-To articles that you could build a film school upon!

  • NoFilmSchool. Speaking of film school, it turns out you don’t really need to go to one to learn almost everything you need to know to succeed in this industry.

  • Writer Woohoos! This account is precisely what it sounds like. Give a #WriterWoohoo to support other writers’ successes! It’s seriously the best. We need so much more of this.

Personally, I also find Instagram to be a great social channel for reaching and interacting with other writers. Many screenwriters share their work-in-progress screenplays there, page by page, and ask for feedback. You also get to know more about other screenwriters, including their writing schedules and what they like to eat for dinner. It’s all part of the process, you know! But that’s for another blog.

A little birdie told me that if you love the writing community, and you love to be part of it, you’re are going to REALLY love SoCreate. I can’t tell you why just yet, but if you want to be the first to know my secrets, get on SoCreate’s Private Beta List ASAP..

Tweet, tweet,

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