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Screenwriter Doug Richardson - What Being A Professional Screenwriter REALLY Teaches You

Writers are a resilient bunch. We've learned to take critical feedback as a means to improve our story and craft, and that critique just comes with the job of being a screenwriter. But professional screenwriters take it a step further, says scriptwriter Doug Richardson. They seek out that adversity.

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"People who are watching the movie, at the end of the day, are they going to like it? Are they not? Are they going to talk to somebody and say, 'Hey, I saw this really great movie! I'm going to give it five stars. I'm going to give it four stars,'” he said during the SoCreate-sponsored Central Coast Writers’ Conference. “That's adversity. You're trying to get THAT.”

Doug’s professional screenwriter career is chock-full of screenwriting successes that have included major film productions, including “Bad Boys” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, “Hostage” starring Bruce Willis, and “Die Hard 2,” also starring Willis. Some of those movies scored higher star ratings than others, of course. But Doug learned from each one and improved by being honest with himself about his work, and getting honest, unbridled feedback from audiences.

“You need to admit to yourself, hey, I may not be the most awesome writer in the world,” he said. “My story might not be compelling. I better have others out there to tell me: ‘Grab a chair. You need to fix it.’ That’s what most real writers do – what most real, professional writers have learned how to do.”

So, if you’re dealing with harsh feedback on your script, don’t let this be your final draft. Remember, it’s part of the gig, and you will get used to processing it. It’s a learned skill.

“What being a professionals screenwriter really does is teach you how to grow through adversity,” Doug concluded.

Want to grow as a screenwriter? We can’t wait to share SoCreate Screenwriting Software with you, which will revolutionize how you write a script and put the fun back into the creative process. Doug has seen it, and he agrees! without leaving this page.

Until next time, writers! 

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