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Posted on by Alli Unger

Award-Worthy Advice From Award-Winning Screenwriter, Peter Dunne

Award-winning producer and screenwriter, Peter Dunne, shares his advice on when our best writing happens at Central Coast Writers Conference 2017. 

“Our best writing happens when the thinking stops. We are often surprised of what we are writing about. In fact, the next morning you may look at your work and say, ‘Wow, I wrote that?’ The writing comes to us after we allow the thinking to drift away. We have to be aware as writers that writing is for us to discover who we are; not to tell everybody who we are as we know ourselves, but to allow the writing to tell us how we really feel about things.”

Peter Dunne

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (producer)
JAG (producer)
Melrose Place (producer and writer)

...And much more! Check out Peter Dunne's full filmography here

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