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Why Being a Writer is the Greatest Job on Earth!

Why Being a Writer is the Greatest Job on Earth!

Being a writer is the greatest job on earth, and here's why!

You Make Your Own Hours

Many writers work from home and pick when they want to work. Not being married to a schedule can mean that some days you write in the morning, and other days you write at night. Changing your schedule can be a great way to figure out what works best for you and what your ideal work schedule looks like. Writing is the perfect job for a more flexible work schedule.

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You Can Write Anywhere

Some days you might write in bed, on the couch, or even at the beach. As a writer, you're not tied down to a particular place! If you're someone who likes to be on the go or is interested in travel, being a writer is a great way to make a living while pursuing that.

Being Able to Write in One Medium Often Lends Itself to Others

There are tons of different writing jobs out there: copywriter, ghostwriter, social media writer, grant writer, blog writer. Writing for one often gives you an idea of how to write for another! This is also helpful if you're writing a passion project. Writing in other mediums can allow you to support yourself financially while you work on that dream novel or screenplay. Writing in other mediums also helps hone your overall skill as a writer!

If You're a Writer, Odds Are You're Also a Big Reader

Writing gives you an excellent excuse to read all the things you're interested in. As a screenwriter, I'm constantly reading scripts to improve my craft. While that's educational, it's also just plain fun!

Daydreaming Is Part of the Writing Process

For a chronic daydreamer like myself, I love now having an excuse for doing it!

You Can Be As Creative As You'd Like

Writing offers a unique opportunity to express yourself creatively while also being financially compensated for it. Not many jobs allow your imagination to run wild in the way that being a writer does.

Real-life is Complicated, and It Can Be Cathartic to Process Things Through Writing

Writing affords a low-stakes method of processing emotions. Mad? Try writing about it. Upset? Spend 30 minutes writing. You can get your emotions out, and the worst thing that can happen is that you don't like what you've written, so you throw it out. Writing is a great way to turn emotions, past trauma, or strange experiences into something productive that you can utilize in storytelling. They always say, "write what you know," and that can literally be anything, hard truths and difficult emotions included!

Writing Means You're Constantly Learning

To write new things, you often find yourself doing research, which means that you learn about subjects you otherwise wouldn't. It can also mean that you try new things or go to places you'd have never anticipated going to! Writing can be a fantastic way to put yourself out there and embrace the new!

Writing Is An Incredible Way to Connect With People

It's always amazing to write something that you're passionate about, have somebody read it, and then they become passionate about it. Others connecting to and caring about your writing is an extraordinary aspect of the job. Especially when writers spend so much time isolated, it's delightful to engage with people about your work.

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Writing can be challenging; there's no denying that. But it's an insanely rewarding job at the end of the day. If you're a writer who is struggling, hopefully, my list can provide some reminders of what makes writing great. The hard times are tough, but hanging in there and sticking with it makes the good times feel even better! Hang in there, and happy writing!

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