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Summer Writing Prompts 2022

Summer is a season of warmth, excitement, and adventure! Why not take advantage of the summer months and allow them to inspire you in your writing?

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Here are some 2022 summer writing prompts to inspire your creative writing during this sunny season.

Summer Writing Prompts 2022

Types of Summer Stories

The types of summer stories are endless! Consider what type of summer genre you're interested in telling from the list below.

  • Kids stories

  • Adult stories

  • Mysteries

  • Adventures

  • Love stories

  • Dramas

  • Horror

  • Comedies

Creative Writing Topics Related to Summer

Let the topics associated with summer get your creative juices flowing and help improve your writing skills. Think of annual summer activities that could play a role in or be the focus of your writing, such as: 

  • Holidays (Fourth of July, Labor Day)

  • Summer break for kids

  • Summer vacation

  • Summer school

  • Summer programs and summer camp

  • Family trips

  • Going to the beach

  • Learning to swim

  • Visiting relatives

  • Working a summer job

  • Summer fairs or festivals

If you are traveling this summer, use a summer writing journal to tackle the following prompts as a fun summer challenge. They'll work for both kids and adults, and by the end of the season, you'll have an entire book of writing to look back on, and even while you vacation, your writing skills won't.

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. What are three things on your summer bucket list? Why do you want to do them?

  2. What do you miss most about school?

  3. During summer, you notice that your next-door neighbor is acting strangely. They sleep all day and only come out at night. I think they might be a …

  4. What will you miss most after going back to school when summer break is over?

  5. You arrive at the beach, and you're surprised to see …

  6. One day you wake up to realize that all the animals have escaped from the zoo! Three of them are wandering down your street. Choose three animals and describe what you do about them.

  7. Describe your ideal summer camp! Where would it be? What would you do all day?

  8. Your family wins a dream vacation! Describe where you would go, where you would stay, what you would do, and what kind of sights you would see.

  9. What does your perfect summer day look like? What do you do? Who do you see? What makes the day unique?

  10. If you were to give a tour of your neighborhood, what are important, funny, or surprising places you'd take people to see?

Summer Writing Prompts for Adults

  1. Write about an exciting summer job you've had! What was your favorite summer job? What was the worst? Is there a summer job that you always wanted to do but never got the chance? Tell a story about a day on the job of your choosing.

  2. Where's your favorite place to go in the summer? Describe the place. What makes it unique? What kind of experiences do people have there? What if something unusual happened there? How would that affect the people visiting this place?

  3. Visit a coffee shop, order a drink, have a seat, and people watch! Let what's happening around you influence what you write. Are the baristas particularly interesting? What do the customers look like? What do you think their lives are like?

  4. What's something about summer that you hate? Is there a place that you can't stand going? Is the heat just the worst? Is there an activity that you loathe? How could you improve this? Feel free to write something outlandish or petty! Sometimes it's fun to write something negative in a silly way.

  5. You're at the beach with your family for the day! Unexpectedly the sky darkens, the wind blows harshly, and waves crash threateningly … describe what happens next.

  6. Write a meet-cute about two characters who bump into each other while buying ice cream. They both order the same flavor, but there's only enough left for one cone. What happens?

  7. For one day, you body swap with one of your school-aged children! What do you do for the day?

  8. Tell a favorite experience that you had during the summer as a child! Or describe something you always wanted to do during the summer as a kid but never got to.

  9. One summer day, you go for a hike in the woods behind your house. You come across a box; you take a peek inside. What's in the box, and what happens next?

  10. A character decides to do some solo camping. They're asleep in their tent one night when something wakes them up. What is it, and what happens next?

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Hopefully, these prompts will help to get your creativity flowing this summer. Let the season inspire you, and happy writing!

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