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How to Get an IMDb Page

IMDb isn't just a great tool for screenwriters but anyone in the film or television industry. IMDb, or the Internet Movie Database, contains facts, information, and statistics about films and television shows. The database also provides information about industry professionals, including actors, writers, directors, etc. So maybe you've got some film credits under your belt, and you want to be listed on IMDb, but how exactly do you do that? Keep reading to find out how to get an IMDb page!

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Get an IMDb Page

How to Get an IMDb Page

If you've contributed to a film, TV show, or an online series, you likely qualify for an IMDb page. To add yourself to the database, follow the steps below.

Check to see if you're already listed

Ensure that you are not already listed. There are millions of credits in the database, so chances are that one of your credits is already listed. (This applies unless you've just recently begun your career or worked on a recent movie.) Use the search box at the top of each page on IMDb to search your name.

See if your projects are listed

Search to see if the project that you worked on is listed. Enter the film or television show's title into the search box. If the project isn't already listed, you can add it using the New Title Submission Form, and once it appears on IMDb, you'll be able to add your name to it.

If your project is listed, then go to the page, scroll to the bottom, and select "Edit Page."

Find your department

Under "Cast and Crew," look for the department that you worked in. From the drop-down menu next to that department, choose the appropriate action (No change, Correct/Delete, or Add n credits), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Continue." You will be given a form.

Fill out the form

Type your first and last names in the appropriate sequence (ex., Pitt, Brad)

If you were a cast member, you must choose whether you are an actor or actress from the buttons directly below.

Select "Check these updates." A list of people with the same name will be shown to you. Even if you have previously done your own search, be sure none of these are you.

If you're not listed, select either "This is a different person not currently listed – create" or "I am not sure - submit it as..." and let IMDb staff decide.

Character (Cast only)

If you were a cast member (not the crew), you must enter your character's name. The character name should be written as it appears in the credits.

Occupation (For crew only)

If you were a crew member, you must specify your precise role concerning the production. The most common occupations are listed in the drop-down menu. If your profession isn't listed in the menu, choose "Other" and type it yourself.

Attribute (If applicable)

You can provide further information about the credit in this box. A common use for this section would be if your name didn't appear in a film's credits, you would need to put "uncredited" in the attribute box.

Order (If applicable)

This section is where your name appeared on the screen concerning the order of all the credited names. If you weren't listed in the credits, leave it blank.

Check updates

After entering all your information, click the "Check these updates" button to move on.

Almost done

If everything is input correctly, your data is ready for submission, and the "Submit these updates" button will appear for you to select.

Otherwise, mistakes will be indicated, and the form won't let you continue until you fix them. Follow the on-screen instructions to make any necessary corrections to your submission or provide any missing information, then click "Re-check these updates" to try your submission again.

Check before you submit

Click "Click to see complete summary" to provide a detailed list of the modifications you're about to send.

Last step

Complete your update by clicking "Submit these updates," and the IMDb Data Editors will review your changes. An email confirmation of your submission will also be sent to you

Related questions

What is an IMDb page?

An IMDb page provides information on a film production and the people who worked on said production.

A person's page often includes a brief synopsis of the person's accomplishments in the entertainment business, a list of notable credits, and other pertinent details like ratings, reviews, and trivia.

How much does an IMDb page cost?

It's free to create an IMDb page. IMDb has a paid version for industry professionals that allows users to post a headshot and resume.

How long does it take for the IMDb page to process?

The processing time for an IMDb page varies depending on the amount of work for IMDb staff and the type of submission.

Can anyone make an IMDb page?

Anyone can make an IMDb page for a film, actor, or crew member, but the page's subject must meet IMDb's guidelines.

Can I create my own IMDb page?

Yes, you can create an IMDb page if you meet IMDb's criteria for making a page.

How do you qualify for IMDb?

You can qualify for IMDb if you have at least one professional credit.

Hopefully, this blog was able to help guide you in making an IMDb page! Happy writing!

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