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How Do You Sell Your Screenplay? Screenwriter Jeanne V. Bowerman Weighs In

Jeanne V. Bowerman, self-proclaimed “writer of things & scriptwriting therapist,” joined SoCreate at the Central Coast Writers Conference to talk it out. We are so appreciative of writers like Jeanne who help other writers! And she knows a thing to two about putting pen to paper: she’s the editor and online community manager of, and she also co-founded and moderates the weekly Twitter screenwriters chat, #ScriptChat.

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Jeanne gives consultations and lectures at conferences, pitchfests, and universities. And to prove she’s really here to help, she offers tons of great info online as well! Want to follow along? Check out her InstagramTwitterFacebookPinterest, AND YouTube.

“How do I sell my screenplay, is a very loaded question. I don’t want to crush anyone’s spirit, but it is hard. It’s not easy to do.

You have to have tenacity. You cannot give up. Because, after 10 years or 15 years of trying, all of a sudden it will happen. Know that it’s going to be a long haul, so kind of buckle up buttercup!

The number one way people do it is if they already have connections in the industry. Don’t feel like just because you don’t know anyone, you’re not going to be able to know anybody. All of those people who had connections that got in, at one point didn’t have connections. Always work on networking. Go to conferences. Go to events. Go to pitchfests. Connect with other writers.

Write a really, really great script, and enter it in some of the top contests. A lot of agents and managers read the people who make the top 10.

Another trick is to just don’t suck.”

Jeanne V. Bowerman

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