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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts for Screenwriters

Wondering what to gift the special writer in your life? You’ve given them notebooks, and screenwriting how-to books, and writer’s block prompts, and now you’ve hit gifting blocks of your own. SoCreate is here to help you find the perfect present that’s surprising, unusual, and most importantly, useful.

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We’ve assembled a list of top gifts for screenwriters that will get them excited and ready to write their next blockbuster hit!

Top 5 Gifts For Screenwriters

Screenwriting Gift 1: Airbnb Gift Card

Sometimes all a writer needs to break writer’s block is a change of scenery. Gift your screenwriter a getaway – whether it’s a quiet cabin in the woods or a beach retreat – and they’ll quickly be in a new headspace.

Screenwriting Gift 2: Masterclass

Help your screenwriter unlock their potential with Masterclass, where they’ll learn from the world’s most renowned creators from the comfort of their own home. Gift a class, or an entire year of learning. The current lineup features lessons from big name talent including Margaret Atwood, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Aaron Sorkin, and Shonda Rhimes.

Screenwriting Gift 3: AquaNotes

Why is it that some of your writer’s best ideas come to them when they’re without a pen? AquaNotes solves this for screenwriters who seem to dream up clever lines and scenes in the shower. This waterproof pad and pencil will save all their bright ideas from circling down the drain.

Screenwriting Gift 4: Business Cards

Screenwriters often struggle with validation and may feel like they’re not a real writer if they’re not making money at their craft. But at SoCreate, we know that some of the most talented writers are out there, undiscovered, and burning the candle at both ends to put their inspired stories to paper! So, let’s make it official. Order up a batch of screenwriter business cards to recognize the screenwriters who haven’t been able to quit their day jobs. The work they’re doing is REAL, paid or not!

Screenwriting Gift 5: SoCreate – Screenwriting for Everyone!

Soon, SoCreate will be launching the Private Beta for our revolutionary new screenwriting software. Screenwriters around the world will soon be able to manage their screenwriting project from inspiration to completion, all in one place. Why not share the news with your screenwriter, and tell them they can now sign up for private beta testing? Soon, you’ll have given them the gift to keep creating, without the frustrations of other screenwriting software.

Get ready to put a smile on your screenwriter’s face with these gifts that are sure to inspire. Happy gifting!

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