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Best Screenwriting Software 2023

It can be difficult to select the best screenwriting program, given the wide variety on the market. Today I'm going over the best screenwriting software 2023 and breaking everything down by category to help you determine what will work best for you! I've got you covered!

The best screenwriting software options include:

  1. SoCreate

  2. Final Draft

  3. WriterDuet

  4. Scrivener

  5. Highland 2

  6. Trelby

Of course, screenwriting software is not one-size-fits-all, although SoCreate comes pretty close! Depending on your device(s), experience, writing style, and more variables, you'll find different screenwriting software options below that will all produce a finished, industry-standard screenplay.   

Best Screenwriting
Software 2023

Best Screenwriting Software for 2023

When it comes to the overall best screenwriting software that you can use in 2023, you should consider these three.

  1. SoCreate

    Truly the screenwriting software of the future that you can use now! Easy to use, inspires creativity, and promotes screenwriting education so you can learn as you go.

  2. Final Draft

    A reliable software that's been an industry favorite for years and easily allows you to format your work to industry standards.

  3. WriterDuet

    Makes for an intuitive and collaborative screenwriting experience.

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Best Screenwriting Software for Staying in Your Creative Flow

These software programs are the best for allowing your creativity to thrive and flourish.

  1. SoCreate

    Actively engages with your creativity! SoCreate has many options that help you fully visualize and build your story. From choosing character/location images to easily seeing how your acts and scenes are laid out, SoCreate's software inspires creativity.

  2. Final Draft

    Feels like a blank page just waiting for you to put your creative stamp on.

  3. Scrivener

    A flexible software that won't slow your creativity and easily allows you to move between outlining, drafting, and editing without missing a beat.

Best Screenwriting Software For Editing

Nothing is worse than software that makes editing difficult. Here are the best options to help you edit quickly and efficiently!

  1. SoCreate

    makes editing feel like a breeze. SoCreate's software takes away the chore-like feeling of having to edit and makes it an enjoyable part of the creative process with tools like simple drag and drop and constant versioning.

  2. WriterDuet

    A "real-time collaboration" feature that allows multiple writers to work on the same script simultaneously from different locations. Works great for editing and working as part of a writing team.

  3. Final Draft

    Offers many easy-to-use tools for your editing needs. Final Draft has a comprehensive revision mode that allows you to keep track of any changes.

Easiest Screenwriting Software to Learn

No writer wants to spend time trying to get the hang of screenwriting software. Here are the three easiest programs to learn!

  1. SoCreate

    A comprehensive tutorial introduces you to all features upon starting a new project. SoCreate is all about education and ease of learning, so they regularly offer tutorials and videos about using the software. They regularly have live demos that allow writers to get answers to any of their questions about the software.

  2. Highland 2

    This software from screenwriter John August is writer-friendly and easy to pick up. It offers a minimalist, distraction-free design that makes learning its ins and outs a breeze.

  3. Trelby

    A no-frills screenwriting software that offers all the quick-to-learn basic features needed to write a screenplay.

Best Screenwriting Software for Writers Who Hate Formatting

Formatting can be a real pain in the you know what! Here are three screenwriting software options that make formatting easy!

  1. SoCreate

    Removes the stress of formatting and allows writers to focus on what's important, the story! Don't worry; if you need to export or print your script, the software will convert it to the appropriate industry standards with a simple click!

  2. Scrivener

    Easily allows writers to move between writing and editing without weighing them down with formatting details.

  3. Highland 2

    The minimalism of this software allows you to focus completely on the writing process and helps to decrease the distraction of formatting worries.

Best Screenwriting Software for Writers on a Budget

Screenwriting software doesn't have to break the bank!

  1. SoCreate

    All of SoCreate's incredible features are waiting for you to try out for free now! To save your work, create an account for just $13.49 monthly (or less for an annual plan). Give it a try here.

  2. WriterDuet

    Offers a free version with limited features that will still allow you to get the job done. The paid version ranges from $9.99 to $13.99.

  3. Trelby

    A free, open-source screenwriting software with the basic features you need.

Best Screenwriting Software for Writers on the Go

For writers who need to work on the go, check out:

  1. SoCreate

    The software's easy-to-use mobile-friendly format is seriously impressive. It allows staunch laptop writers to have the same level of comfort and ability but the convenience of using their phones or tablets in-browser. The best part is that you don't have to worry about diminished or missing features on mobile; the power of SoCreate screenwriting software is at your fingertips no matter what device you use!

  2. Highland 2

    Allows you to work in a minimalist distraction-free way, whether you're writing on a desktop or from your mobile device.

  3. Final Draft Mobile

    The mobile version of their normal software offers many desktop features. Easy to use and will still allow you to use tools like revision tracking and analysis features.


Hopefully, this blog provided you with some screenwriting software options. Whether your concern is budget or ease of use, there's screenwriting software for everyone! I hope you take a moment to try out the newly launched SoCreate software. It truly is pioneering software here to serve you and change how you approach screenwriting for the better! Happy writing!

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