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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

Veteran TV Writer Ross Brown Says SoCreate is Terrific!

For the most part, we’re keeping SoCreate under wraps until we launch beta trials to writers around the world. So many of you have asked for screen grabs or early access, and we LOVE that you’re as excited about SoCreate as we are! We are going to disrupt the screenwriting game, and we’ll need you to help us do it.  

But before we go BIG, we must make sure we build this software RIGHT, and that’s involved interviewing dozens of professionals who use screenwriting software as a daily tool – writers like TV veteran Ross Brown.

Brown is a screenwriter, producer, and director of Antioch University’s MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media in Santa Barbara. His career spans TV shows, including “Step by Step,” “The Cosby Show,” and “The Facts of Life,” among others. He has a unique perspective on the tools writers need to be successful, so we couldn’t wait to hear what he thought of the problems that we’re solving for with SoCreate.

“If you’re someone who is coming to this being a screenwriter, fairly fresh, that you have stories in mind and you want to tell them, but you don’t how to get them from your brain onto the page in a way that looks like a screenplay, this can really help you a lot,” he said. “I think it could be really great for all kinds of people. … If you have an idea for a movie, but you’re just intimated by all of that format – indentation, how does it look on the page – all of that gets in the way of your thinking about the movie that you have in your head and how to get it onto the page, it’s a terrific piece of software there.”

That’s what we like to hear! Ross also gave us excellent feedback on some specific features that you’ll see in the final product.

We’re launching beta trials for SoCreate soon, so if you’re not already on the beta list, before we close the list to ensure the earliest possible access to the software. We’ll want to hear your feedback on the software so we can continue to make it the best possible tool for writers everywhere.

Until then, thanks for being patient while we’re hard at work!

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