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The Future of Screenwriting Looks Bright for Diverse Voices, Says this Disney Writer

Screenwriting for everyone.

That’s the dream and our north star at SoCreate, so I was so encouraged to hear Disney writer Ricky Roxburgh’s prediction about the future of the screenwriting industry during a recent interview.

“I think there’s going to be more opportunities for unique voices to come out and tell some stories that are a little different, a little stranger, a little sillier and a little more odd,” Ricky said.

Ricky currently writes for Disney Television Animation, dreaming up stories for Rapunzel in “Tangled: The Series” and the new “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.” The sky’s the limit in animation, where just about anything can be considered a plausible scenario. But, at SoCreate, we’re placing bets that there are incredible true stories, stranger than fiction, just waiting to be told.

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When we say “everyone,” we don’t just mean all ages and all skill levels. We mean all people, all cultures, all socioeconomic groups, and all languages. We believe that the best stories are hiding inside of the minds of millions of people who don’t even know they have the ability to watch their ideas play out visually on film, television, and other digital platforms. SoCreate Screenwriting Software will give creatives an outlet and empower this future generation of storytellers with the tools they need to tell their truths - truths that will change the world.

“I think the landscape is going to broaden in terms of the kinds of content that screenwriters can create,” Ricky said. “I think still, telling a great story and writing a great script, that’s not going to change. The ability to get different things out there is going to change.”

When we launch SoCreate Screenwriting Software, the dreaded screenplay format will no longer limit creativity. We’ll take care of the formatting details, so you’ll be free to let your ideas flow. If you’re not yet on our Private Beta List, .

“I think the future of screenwriting isn’t so much what’s going to change in terms of the craft of it, because I think a screenplay is still going to be a screenplay. Just sort of the typical lengths of time that we’re used to, the portions that we’re used to consuming,” Ricky said.

Think back to the time of silent films, and it’s incredible how far we’ve come in the art of storytelling.

But oh, the places we will go …

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