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Is Dramedy the Future of Screenwriting? Veteran TV Writer and Producer Monica Piper Makes the Case

Is there such a thing as a dramedy-light? I know the term may not exist, but I’d argue that the genre does. And veteran TV writer, comedian, and producer Monica Piper agrees, so much so that she’s willing to bet that the genre will be the go-to for writers in the future.

Piper is known for hit shows, including “Mad About You,” “Aaahhh!!! Real Monsters,” “Rugrats,” and “Roseanne.” Her focus has always been to find the funny in real life and real people.

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We asked her what the future looks like for screenwriters and what they should be focusing on.

“I think it’s going to be, more and more, shows that are really basically dramas with some jokes,” she began.

A dramedy is usually equal parts drama and comedy. But what I see on TV shows lately is heavier on the former.

“I mean, even a show like “Killing Eve,” which is highly dramatic and fabulous, it had humor in it,” Piper added. “The reactions to some of the stuff is just; you’re just laughing. And a show like “Fleabag,” you know, they’re serious. They’re funny.”

The stories are still character-driven, emotional, and focus heavily on the character’s inner conflict, but they also give me laugh out loud moments. Think “Breaking Bad,” and “Succession,” which focus on the characters and their struggles, but pepper in some dark comedy.

“I think what’s never going to change is that great comedy comes from character – who that character is, what that character’s flaw is, and what they’re struggling with,” Piper concluded.

Need help finding the funny? Read Piper’s serious tips for writing comedy for TV and movies before you get any further in your script.

Dramedy-light. You heard it here first,

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