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Screenwriters to Follow on Twitter

Finding a community of fellow writers can be incredibly important for a writer's career, and thanks to social media, it's never been easier!

Twitter has an engaged group of screenwriters who make up "screenwriting Twitter." The screenwriting side of Twitter is full of screenwriters, all with their own unique opinions ready to share their perspectives.

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Are you looking for a community of writers to engage with? Or maybe you're just curious about what this screenwriting side of Twitter looks like? Keep reading because I will share some screenwriters to follow on Twitter today!

Screenwriters to
Follow on Twitter

John August


John August is an acclaimed screenwriter, director, producer, and novelist. He has worked on movies like "Big Fish," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and "Aladdin." He has an incredible wealth of screenwriting knowledge that he regularly shares with others. 

He co-hosts the well-known podcast Scriptnotes which explores pretty much all aspects of the screenwriting process. August is a very active Twitter user who frequently gives advice and shares resources with aspiring screenwriters.



NoFilmSchool is a must-follow Twitter account if you're seeking a complete resource for anything related to filmmaking. NoFilmSchool, which Ryan Koo founded in 2010, has developed into one of the most well-known and regarded websites for filmmakers of all experience levels.

NoFilmSchool routinely features up-and-coming filmmakers and screenwriters making waves in the industry on its Twitter account. The NoFilmSchool Twitter is a goldmine of industry news, tutorials, and articles. NoFilmSchool has something for everyone, whether you're a screenwriter seeking tips for the trade or a filmmaker looking for the most recent equipment reviews.

C. Robert Cargill


Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill is well-known for writing films such as "Doctor Strange," "Sinister," and "The Black Phone." He is also a novelist, film critic, and podcast host. Cargill frequently tweets about his writing process and his opinions on the film industry and current affairs. His tweets are often thoughtful, informative, and even humorous. If you want to learn more about screenwriting or the film industry, C. Robert Cargill is a must-follow!

Deadline Hollywood


All screenwriters should keep up to date with what's happening in the industry. What scripts are being bought? Who's being tapped to write for what project? What new projects are being announced?

Deadline Hollywood's Twitter account makes it easy to keep up to date with all the latest news in the entertainment industry!

Sera Gamble


Sera Gamble is a television writer and producer who has worked on numerous shows, including "Supernatural," "The Magicians," and "You." Gamble often shares insights about the writing process on Twitter, including how storylines are created and how characters are developed. She also offers insights into the production process of making a television show. 

Anyone interested in the art of television writing should follow Gamble. Her tweets often provide writers with helpful information on everything from writer's rooms to tips on getting staffed on a show.



Don't forget that SoCreate is on Twitter! SoCreate's Twitter is a great screenwriting resource that regularly shares helpful tips and tricks!

Are you currently finding this blog helpful? Check out SoCreate's Twitter to keep up with all the screenwriting blogs and educational content SoCreate shares.

Are you interested in learning more about SoCreate screenwriting software? Head to Twitter to watch a how-to video or participate in a #SoCreateWritingChallenge. You can learn so much from SoCreate's Twitter, so follow!


Twitter can be a useful tool for screenwriters, providing a platform for networking with other writers, sharing work, and learning from other people's experiences. The Twitter accounts I listed represent a variety of viewpoints and insights on the art of writing for film and television.

Checking out these accounts on Twitter might help you gain valuable insights into screenwriting and the film production process in general. Be sure to explore screenwriting on Twitter by searching tags such as #screenwritting, #screenwrittingtwitter, or #screenwriters. Please don't be shy when interacting with or contacting other screenwriters on Twitter. Using Twitter can be one of the easier ways to network!

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