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Writing Prompts for Kids

Sometimes, it's hard to get kids to write if they feel distracted or uninspired. But you can spark their imagination with some creative writing prompts meant just for them. Pick a story starter from this list below to keep your child engaged in the writing process. 

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Writing Prompts
For Kids

Story Writing Prompts for Kids

From kindergarten to elementary school and even up through middle school students, these creative writing ideas will spur even the most reluctant writers to jump in and work on their writing skills. They may even want to explore new writing styles and genres when they read through these prompts!


  • You get trapped in your school overnight and soon realize that you're not alone! Who's there with you? What happens?

  • One day you wake up to realize that you've body swapped with one of your parents! What do you spend your day doing?

Life Story

  • Write about a time when you and your family were going somewhere, but things did not go according to plan.

  • Describe your perfect day of school. What would happen? What makes it ideal?


  • It was just another typical day when suddenly aliens landed! We were all surprised when they …

  • Your mom asks you to water the plants in your garden in the backyard. As you're watering, you hear a voice. One of the plants begins to speak; it says … 


  • You were told never to walk too far into the woods behind your house. One day you do, and you encounter a strange creature. It can talk and asks you to help find its mother. You agree! Where does the story go next?

  • You find a treasure map with your friends in the local park. Write about how you guys use the map to seek out the treasure. Do you find it? What kind of treasure is it?


  • One day you accidentally pass through a portal that sends you to magic school! The teachers there offer to allow you to stay and learn, but the catch is that you won't ever be able to return home to your family. What do you do?

  • On your way home from school, you hear the clip, clop of hooves right behind you. Is a horse following you? You look and realize it's not a horse but a unicorn! What happens next?


  • You and your classmates go back to class after lunch only to realize that all of the adults in the school have disappeared! Do you let them stay gone, or do you work to solve the mystery?

  • Your parents tell you to clean your room. As you pick up clothes from the floor, you notice a trap door you've never seen before. You open it, leading to a room you don't recognize. What happens next?


  • Your mother asks you to deliver a food basket to your poor sick grandmother who lives in the woods. When you arrive, she looks an awful lot furrier than you remembered. With big ears and big teeth. What happens next?

  • Jack's magic beanstalk is still standing tall. You climb it to the top, and you can't believe it when you see …


  • Write about the funniest person you know. What makes them funny?

  • One day you wake up and realize that you have waffles for hands! Describe what your day is like with your new waffle hands.


  • Write a monologue about the time you told a friend not to do something, but they did it anyway, and something funny happened as a result.

  • Write a monologue about a kid fed up with their parents packing them the same lunch every day. Write it as a speech they say to their parents explaining why this is such a boring, no-good lunch.


  • Describe your best friend! Why are they your best friend? What are your favorite things to do together?

  • You and your arch enemy have been feuding for ages. The president asks for peace and for you two to become friends. How do you form a friendship with someone you hate?


  • The Avengers ask you to join their team! What are your powers, and how do you fit in with the Avengers?

  • Which superpower would you want- flight, invisibility, or super strength? Why? How do you plan to use your newfound power?


  • Your family just won a dream vacation! Where do you go and why?

  • Describe a time when your family all disagreed on something? How did it get resolved?


  • If you could have any animal for a pet (without safety being a concern), what animal would you choose and why?

  • You look outside your window and notice two squirrels sitting on the fence. They seem to be arguing. What are they arguing about? 


  • On your way home from school, you bump into a frantic adult that looks just like you. They say they're you from the future, and they have something urgent to tell you! What message do they give you?

  • Your parents announce that your family is moving to Mars as part of a program to be the first humans to live on the planet! What do you think life on Mars will be like?


  • If you could time travel to any past era of history, what era would you choose and why?

  • If you could invite three historical figures to dinner, who would you choose? How does the dinner go?

Practicing creative writing is the only way to get better at it. Writing ideas for kids can help push them to explore ideas or stories they might not have otherwise pursued on their own. Hopefully, you found a writing prompt on this list that will inspire the kids in your life to write and help them to explore their creativity!

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