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Top 10 YouTube Videos for Storytelling and Filmmaking


Top YouTube Videos forStorytelling and Filmmaking

Are you a screenwriter or filmmaker looking for fresh inspiration or a place to learn new techniques? Have you tried checking out YouTube? I've seen listicles that mention the best screenwriting and filmmaking podcasts and books, but less often do I see people rank their favorite YouTube videos on the subject. So that's what I'm doing today! Before you get too far along, make sure you're subscribed to SoCreate's YouTube channel. They post around two videos per week on the topic of storytelling, screenwriting, and all-things creativity! Here are my top 10 YouTube videos for storytelling and filmmaking.

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1. Gone Girl — Don't Underestimate the Screenwriter

Lessons from a Screenplay is a great YouTube channel that posts insightful videos focused on the scripts of popular movies. Their videos are all about story, exploring things like breaking genre conventions, how to evoke emotion, and the art of crafting a television pilot. I chose this particular video because it does an excellent job of acknowledging the power the screenwriter has, examines some classic techniques "Gone Girl" utilizes, and talks about why they work.

2. How Filmmakers Can Make Money From Short Form Content - Dui Jarrod

This is an introductory video with practical advice about getting paid as a filmmaker! We all want to get our works made and live the dream, but it's essential to think about the practical side of how you'll be able to afford to live while doing that.

3. Breaking into the Industry, ISA's Virtual Third Thursdays

The International Screenwriter's Association (ISA) is an excellent resource for writers! This video is one of their Third Thursday virtual events. On the third Thursday of each month, the ISA hosts a social networking event in person or virtually, including guest speakers, an opportunity to learn, and the chance to network with other writers. This particular video includes a panel having an informative conversation about breaking into the industry.

4. How Pro Screenwriters Beat Writer's Block

A helpful video features working writers talking about how they combat every writers' worst nemesis, writer's block!

5. Why Write Stories? These 3 Pros Inspire Us with Their Responses

SoCreate's YouTube Page is an excellent resource for everything from screenwriting how-to tips to business advice for screenwriters! This video provides some inspiration as three screenwriters discuss why they write stories.

6. Visual Storytelling 101

Film Riot posts many educational videos on all areas of filmmaking, including cinematography, special effects, and directing. This video is a great introduction to visual storytelling.

7. How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene

Filmmaker IQ posts so many fantastic video lessons about filmmaking! Think of it as a virtual film school, but free. This is a video that demonstrates the importance of how a director blocks a scene and how that can drastically affect the story.

8. How I Wrote Little Women — Greta Gerwig's Writing Advice

This video offers an insightful look into writer and director Greta Gerwig's process of writing the screenplay for her adaption of "Little Women," which was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2019 Academy Awards.

9. Questions: What's The Key Ingredient To An Amazing Screenplay?

Academy Originals posts documentary-style videos produced by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This video showcases actors, writers, and directors expressing what the key to an amazing screenplay is.

10. Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams by Dr. Ken Atchity

This is an inspiring and motivating video to encourage screenwriters and filmmakers to pursue their dreams!

I hope you find these videos informative and inspiring! What are some of your favorite YouTube videos on screenwriting and filmmaking? Happy writing!

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