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The Theme of the Future of Screenwriting is “More,” Says Veteran TV Writer Ross Brown

I’ve asked a handful of screenwriters where they think the industry is headed in the future and how that will impact writers specifically. Ross Brown’s answer may be my favorite because of the way it aligns with SoCreate’s mission.

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Brown is a veteran TV writer and producer, having worked on shows including “Step by Step,” “Who’s the Boss,” “The Facts of Life,” and movies including “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and “Cannery Row.” He’s watched how film and TV have changed throughout the decades. He now teaches students how to be prepared to enter the industry as part of the creative writing program at Antioch University in Santa Barbara.

He said it’s always going to be hard to predict what kind of stories will be in demand because it’s so dependent on what’s happening in the world and what’s selling, but one thing is for sure.

“I would say that it will probably be more diverse than ever as time goes on,” he said.

I would say that [screenwriting] will probably be more diverse than ever as time goes on ... There will be more and more opportunities for you to tell your stories to more and more audiences.
Ross Brown
Veteran TV Writer

At SoCreate, we believe that diversity will only come from enabling more writers to be part of the process and tell their stories. It’s one of the main reasons we’re building SoCreate Screenwriting Software. We want to empower more people to tell their stories on their terms without being boxed in by having to know all of the complicated rules that go along with traditional screenwriting.

But diversity applies to more than just the stories being told. We’re also experiencing a growing diversity in how we consume movies and growing diversity among audiences and their preferences. Never in our history have as many people had access to a screen as they do now!

From an ever-growing list of streaming platforms to an ever-growing number of screens we all keep in our homes or even on our person, the way we tell stories is changing.

Plus, with so much content available everywhere we turn, audiences are growing increasingly fractured. We no longer have three to five blockbusters to choose from on a Friday night. We have webisodes on YouTube, short films on Disney+, cooking shows made for Netflix, and Masterclasses from professionals on just about any topic you can imagine. We can consume just about anything we choose.

“Those distinctions are going to be more and more blurry as time goes on, and that is great news for you as a creator,” Ross concluded. “There will be more and more opportunities for you to tell your stories to more and more audiences.”

The future is more! We like more,

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