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Where Are Writers on the Chain of Command?

The chain of command of a film is quite similar to a large business or organization. At the top you have the CEO or in this case Executive Producer, usually someone with the money or controlling the money. From there, you have Producers who sort of function as COO, chief operating officers. Down the line, you have a Director and under that, nearly all departments answer to the Director (maybe producer depending on if it's a show or other setups). This chain of command is very well-defined, organized, and easy to understand. However, there is one unique position that doesn’t fit quite right in the chain of command and also loses its strength or positioning as the film progresses from development all the way to distribution. That is the screenwriter.

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During the development stage, the screenwriter is at the top of the chain, right under the producer. The screenwriter and their work are the most important elements in getting a film made. Without a screenplay there is no film and without a writer there is no screenplay. The first deals are made with the screenwriter, from the option agreement, shopping agreement, or rights agreement.

Where Are Writers on the Chain of Command?

Once you move into the later stage of development right before pre-production, the director is brought on, and depending on the director, the screenwriter's position in the chain can change dramatically. At this stage the screenwriter may have a lot of influence over what the director can do with the script or perhaps depending on the agreement, the screenwriter is only involved in script changes but has little influence in what those changes can be. This can continue throughout production. Again, depending on the contracts or agreements the screenwriter may be at the same level as the director in the chain of command and only has to answer to the producer. However, it could be that the screenwriter is under the director in the chain.

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Usually, almost always, the screenwriter is not involved during post-production, so they are no longer in the chain at all. Their jobs have finished, even though crafting the edit plays a very large role in the final outcome of the story.

By the time the film leaves post-production, the screenwriter is no longer involved in the project. There are outlier cases of well-established screenwriters that may be a part of the marketing of the film (Aaron Sorkin is a great example of this), otherwise, the screenwriter has moved on from the project.

For the average film, the screenwriter starts as the most important position in the chain of command to no longer be a part of the chain as the film is distributed. This makes it one of the most unique positions in the film business.

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