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These 100 Writers Are in the Running to Change Their Lives with SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus!

For many writers, times are tough. But these 100 screenwriting semifinalists are one step closer to some relief!

We launched SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus with the goal to give one deserving screenwriter the chance of a lifetime: a full month of paid writing time. The winner of SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus will have 30 days to write a feature-length script and $4,000 to help cover expenses during that time so they can focus more on writing and less on those pesky responsibilities that weigh writers down.

And now ... we have our semifinalists! More than 1,000 screenwriters applied for SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus with a single sentence explaining why they should win. Writers could earn bonus entries for a better chance at winning. We selected 100 screenwriters randomly from the entry pool. See if you made the top 100 below!

Next, we'll narrow down this list to our 25 favorite responses. The top 25 will send in a 45-second video clip explaining why they should win the prize, a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, and a 10-15-page screenwriting sample by October 30. A winner will be named on November 20.

If you've made it this far, congratulations! Stay tuned for our top 25 announcement this Friday, October 16.

SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus Top 100:

I should would the SoCreate Screenwriter Stimulus because all I've ever wanted was endless time to write, but my dangerous work environment continues to interfere with my headspace.

Aaron Wimmer

The Rose and the Lion are under the shade of a tree talking about writing a sentence to win $4,000 to complete the office they need! I know they can’t, so I did!

Ahly Schiller

I've been writing short-form video content scripts for BuzzFeed since 2019 and would like to take a break to write about something that truly inspires me.

Amanda Alvich

I’m on a mission to master the craft of screenwriting and this stimulus would enable me to take several more courses on the craft.

Amie Darboe

I want to use my creative energy to produce something that brings a bit of light and joy in these trying times.

Andrew Pulliam

I live in my makeshift film/photo studio because my marriage recently exploded and then we went right into pandemic times (and I've been barely making rent) and frankly I think it's all because my ex-wife hated that all I did was write all the time and struggle with undiagnosed ADHD.

B. John Herman

I am ready to quit my office job to continue following my passion as a horror screenwriter.

Brendan Jesus

I've got an amazing YA idea, and a heart that wants to tell stories and help people grow.

Brooke Kuyumcu

I truly need this push to help me complete my screenplay.

Carla Debbie Alleyne

It will stimulate me to put down the chip bag and write the screenplay.

Carol Durant

Cinnamon Strikes Back, a novel I wrote about a protagonist coming to life, would work wonderfully as a screenplay.

Catina Williams

The stories that people need to heal after this pandemic are in my soul right now.

Cedric Hill

I want to show the world and YOU how much impact I can produce, seriously I screenwrite in my sleep.

Chris Abreu

Sometimes you just know what you have written is a winner and all that is needed is a chance to share; now is that time.

Dada Ra

One sentence, one shot, one chance, one person, one year unlike any other, one impression, one wonders what you're looking for but maybe it's me.

Dan Goodsell

$4,000 should just about pay for three vintage Corona typewriters, import a few boxes of Cuban cigars, and develop a drinking habit worthy of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Hammett, in the hopes of proving the ghost of Edgar Allen Poe wrong when he visits me nightly in the guise of a raven and squawks, “Nevermore will you finish your thirteenth screenplay!”

David White

In all honesty, everyone deserves a "Happy Ever After" and my life has sucked thus far, the struggle is real just like writers block, this could be my silver lining.

Dawn Nieto-Gonzales

The screenplay I started in quarantine is the most exciting artistic influence in my life at the moment, but progress is only inching forward and I'm stuck on page 59 with the cursor blinking - taunting - waiting for me to return to it.

Ethan Milner

Ever since I wrote my first two full length scripts a few years ago I haven’t found the time to write out my amazing new idea I’m ITCHING to tell, but with the help of the stimulus I’d 100% get it finished within a month!

Evan Engel

I am a hard-working immigrant to the US striving to advocate for racial & gender equality through heartfelt & imaginative storytelling!

Ginger Chen

With a drama pilot that received an “8” on The Black List, compared as a cross between Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart,” and HBO’s “VINYL,” I’m a 52-year-old, unemployed LGBTQ writer needing funds to develop a pitch deck for my unique, Chicago-based story of four artistic and activist friends trying to make a difference during a time of social unrest and political upheaval amidst a global pandemic— the HIV/AIDS crisis in 1989.

GM Stuart

I found an improbable, forgotten hero of the people whose story give me goosebumps.

Gregory Leatherman

Because my vision deserves to be shared with the world, and money shouldn't be a hindrance to that.

Gurmeet Singh

This year I experienced a lot of personal growth through a lot of firsts: first college graduation, first apartment, first major screenwriting award, first sold script, first time living with my girlfriend, and most relevant, first time paying all my own bills.

Hannah Harmison

I should win so that the world can finally know how hilariously sad it is, to be in love with another man while being an Indian male student desperate for a green card.

Harsha Gullapalli

You should most definitely chose me because I will write a fresh script that embodies our current moment--in all its effed-up-ness and all its humanity--in a humorous, touching way that inspires us to connect with our fellow humans, even those with a perspective we will never embrace.

Heather Cochrane

I'm a mother of little twins girls who has always put her screenwriting dreams aside to dedicate herself to her family but this is my unique chance to make it finally become a reality.

Heidi Brown

Solo hay una persona que puede decidir lo que voy a ser, y soy yo mismo.

Helena Mowgli

I deserve this wonderful opportunity because my screenplay will empower people and help them feel human again in these stressful, unsure times.

Hisani P. DuBose

Decades spent as a medical writer uniquely qualify me, by experience and maturity, to tell stories through screenwriting (my second career) that are infrequently seen and heard; I want to change that!

Hugh Murchison

It is necessary to not only privilege but also amplify transgender voices and allow us to claim our rightful seat at the table.

Ilana Garcia-Mittleman

Because the world needs honest, powerful stories now more than ever and given the opportunity, I will create them.

James Greasley

My stories center the experiences of queer black women and those stories deserve to take the front seat in 2020 and beyond.

Janaya Green

I should only win if I write a descent screenplay.

Jane Kendall

Writing is the key to understanding, I want to bridge the gap of peoples understanding of one another so we can truly appreciate the beauty everyone possesses.

Jasmine Sawyer

I broke my back and caught COVID, but I’m still here and need to pay bills.

Jason Elia

I need an opportunity to tell stories and with this chance I could tell my stories and entertain.

Jay Connor

I left seminary in April 2019 with $200 and a one way ticket home, and I moved to Hollywood to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional writer!

Jeff Grdina

Industrious prolific poet with creativity simply unique. Been thru more s*** physically than most seen on TV. Mental health awareness is my best test. Trying to make it after life's regrets and more sets of backstage projects I wish to forget. I express through emoting emotions the best. Real-life? The struggle is real. Now THE BREATH OF JET WILL FLOW FROM SCREENING FAKES TO SHOW HOW I GLOW!


I'm a COVID-19 survivor who is writing her best work ever in the few hours a day my recuperating body will support and finding humor despite being a long-hauler whose income is down so far, I'd have to dig a hole to find it.

Joey Jones

It is a privilege to let our hearts speak to others’ hearts.

John Rotondo

Screenwriting saved my life, and I want to return the favor one successful competition at a time.

John Vincent Riley

Time is running out, I'm almost 60, I've shipped Video Games and Books, but have not been able to finish a screenplay.

John Williamson

I'm a Latino filmmaker that won three awards for my short films in the Audfest film festival. I've always had a passion to make movies having little to no money. I pushed myself to get through film school with high honors

Joseph Quiles

I'm the head of a small creative writing podcast network and will immediately use any stimulus money to fund passion projects by myself and other startup writers, voice actors and audio editors.

Josh Denty

I am 64 years old and I have been the lifelong support person for everyone except myself.

Karen Walasek

Because I have a story to tell in CONTAINED movie form that could be filmed RIGHT NOW despite COVID, and being in the top 4% of the Nicholls Fellowship I know I can make it happen!

Kathy Meadows

This is nearly impossible, could write an entire novel about this alone; but long story short, I’ve put in well over the 1,000 hours to master the craft of storytelling.

Kayla Corbin

Because I've learned more from losing the last competition than I ever would have winning, but I'm back with refined grit, focus, and purpose to pen a black centered romantic comedy in the same universal vein as "Sleepless" in Seattle", "When Harry Met Sally", "Always Be My Maybe", and "The Half Of It". #GameOn

Kaylord Hill

I should win SoCreate’s Screenwriter Stimulus so I can give up one of my three jobs and devote time to my screenwriting!

Kelly Clisham

I’m a young, Black writer who merges absurdism and realism to tell impactful, long-lasting stories, and voices like mine need to be heard right now.

Kemari Bryant

I have a concept of what has the potential to be the most controversial, yet pivotal screenplay ever written, and SoCreate's stimulus would provide me the push I need to get it on paper.

Kenneth Cleveland

I can use the funds to pay bills and keep the lights on while I turn the story I've been writing on index cards for years into a powerful screenplay and look book for production.

Kevin Kunz

I live on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere with a wife and two kids - YOU try getting time in to both work and write!

Kevin Perkins

Because this isn't just a job for me, I truly love creating complex characters and worlds.

Khadijah Iman Holgate

Even though screenwriting is my dream, the need for regular meals is my reality.

Kimberly Allen

I write to misbehave, but some cash would help me finish my screenplay.

Kris Ferrell

An unusual upbringing mixed with my life long love of film has given me a unique perspective.

Kumyl Saied

Screenwriting is community and I want to help you build yours with my unique voice that creates historical worlds through a modern lens.

Lora-Marie Bernard

Every story I've written I've visualized as a movie and longed to make into a script so I am ready to take on this challenge and write an excellent movie.

Louis Burklow

It was the summer of 2020 and temperatures we're rising.

Luis Escobar

My dream is to be a professional screenwriter, and break out of corporate America on that path, and I have a feature length concept about a cursed mermaid that I’m hellbent on turning into a marketable script.

Luke St. Germaine

I think I could impact people’s lives and open up a lot of hidden darkness we tend to look away from.

Madison Kazella

There’s a shove behind a great artwork!

Malek Ghattassi

The best, most honest writing comes from life experience, at 39 I've already had three lifetimes worth, so I think I've may have something to offer.

Maria Reynolds

Because I will inspire people with my script.

Mario Lopez

CHILDREN: when art is created for kids and shared with adults then changes can happen, changes in perspective, acceptance, understanding others’ feelings and viewpoints, then leading to receptivity to loving all humans – my writing is for children and the message resonates with lovingkindness for all.

Marla Gamze

Because I'm gonna keep working until I'm writing what you watch on the big screen, no matter what.

Matt Ralston

Writing has always been a source of joy and excitement for me, and right now I am in desperate need of some space to get that joy back.

Matthew Pinkney

I would like to win the contest because the $4,000 can help me pay for the registrations of the rest of my screenplays and finish financing my family's move to Atlanta, also known as "Black Hollywood".

Michael Atkinson

Because it would be the story of a screenwriter who turned down a soulless sales job after being blessed a beautiful money angel.

Michael Dritto

Because my burbly brain is overflowing with not one, not two - not even three unique novels/stories: literally dozens and they're seeping through the seams of my sanity!

Michael Moore

I had to take a pay cut because of the pandemic so I’ve been too stressed to write. This money could help me pay bills and clear my head so I can focus on writing.

Mika White

It will be fun!

Miranda Dillon

Because I'll get it done.:)

Nadia Townsend

I love bringing my in-depth life experience and insight into fantastical genres and also, as a queer and non-binary polyamorous Australian I bring a unique lens through which every genre can shift and be rediscovered at intriguing angles yet to be covered by most modern TV or movies - the few stories like mine that exist are few and sometimes held back by the burden of being Firsts in their fields, but now the world is ready to move past that and into representational media that trusts audiences to keep up with it and I would like to be part of the writing generation to deliver that.

Nardia Kelly

I believe, that above all, Black people deserve joy; which is the reason that I write comedy and am currently finishing The Jackson Family BBQ.

Nicholas Bouier

My unrealized vision is clawing away to escape into the open air, and SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus shall finally loose it upon the world for all to behold––I only need the headspace, some peace to do so, lest it devours me from within and sublimes upon a silent breeze.

Nicolas Medrano

I managed not to kill myself last year and this year, though my mental health has improved drastically, I’m now faced with the inability to pay my bills due to the pandemic and yet am STILL managing to keep creating art.

Nikki Born

I would be writing a screenplay either way, might as well try and get it funded.

Nova Blanco-Rico

She has stories, fire and desire.

Oluwadamilare Oyefeso

Watching films inspired me to write, which saved my life when I didn't want to carry on anymore.

Reese Ford

Because my story needs to be told and I need beer to drink

R. Gautham

I would love to win SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus for the opportunity to share my process as a writer who examines the complexities and ironies of identity through the spiritual act of storytelling (with jokes!) while creating space for my writing as a stay-at-home mom who is stuck at home (high-risk) with two young kids under 3 and a very busy creative husband (also high-risk!) during a global pandemic.

Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn

SoCreate’s Screenwriter Stimulus would enrich all of humanity by granting me the freedom to finally offer this world my finished script with the lifting of the yoke of oppression, the constant interruption of flow and creativity, that is my second job, while still being able to maintain daily eating and indoor living.

Sean Michael Boozer

I am ready to live out my dream of being a screenwriter!

Shannon Chamblee

I have a feature script that I am passionate about outlined and ready to go, I'm comfortable and experienced with the pace of writing a feature in a month, and I'm comfortable creating videos and content that will help share my process and lessons learned along the way to help my screenwriting community!

Shannon Corbeil

I love to make mere words on paper breathe and assume their rightful identity!

Sharon Jenkins

I should win the Stimulus so that I can leave a screenwriting legacy for generations yet to come.

Sherry Smith

I literally don’t sleep; I just work and write.

Steph Prizhitomsky

Broke college student sleeping through Zoom lectures while all my creativity drains out ... 'nuff said.

Tamar Lilienthal

For the girl who has been staring at the blank pages of her screen play for 2 going on 3 years and needs an extra push.

Taylor Smith

Because I’m ready to start writing this idea that I’ve been sitting on that’s sure to get some sort of attention.

Terrence Aybar

Losing my job in the last year has only strengthened my resolve to become a screenwriter.

Tharen Koelsch

I should win SoCreate's Screenwriter Stimulus because after being diagnosed with COVID, being furloughed until 2021, and the virus triggering a preexisting condition, I want to do something really special for my fiance this Christmas.

Tobi Sigona

There's lemonade from lemons, and then there's champagne -- challenges sweetened, then "fizzed" further with creativity, audacity and brilliance -- that's my gift -- to you.

Valda DeDieu

As Raegan Teller, I've written 4 mystery novels (working on #5) in the Enid Blackwell series, and my books would make a great TV series because of the small-town location, engaging characters, and can't-put-it-down plots.

Wanda Craig

I should win so I can bring my 15 years of comedy work that blends Chaplin, Bugs Bunny and Jackie Chan into a female driven screenplay that embraces women of all ages, colors, and sexual orientations while blending of the worlds of Rodeo Queens and Harry Potter.

Wendy Seyb

It might sound cheesy, but I would love to win so that I can share a great story with others.

Will Langford

I was born to be a creator, and I want to start living the truth about myself.

William Mank

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