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The Matrix Screenplay PDF Download

“The Matrix” was one of the most iconic films of all time! Blending science fiction and action, “The Matrix” screenplay is a must-read for screenwriters interested in either genre! Check out the script located here because today I’m talking all about “The Matrix” and providing you with “The Matrix” script breakdown!

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The Matrix Script Breakdown

Who Wrote “The Matrix”?

Sisters, Lilly Wachowski & Lana Wachowski wrote and directed “The Matrix.” Following its success, they went on to make more films in “The Matrix” franchise as well as write and direct projects such as “Cloud Atlas,” “Jupiter Ascending,” and “Sense8.”

When Did “The Matrix” Come Out?

The first “Matrix” movie was released in March 1999. The sequel, “The Matrix Reloaded,” was released in Spring 2003, followed by “The Matrix Revolutions” later in Fall 2003. The most recent “Matrix” film, “The Matrix Resurrections,” was released in December 2021.

What is “The Matrix” About?

“The Matrix” is about a dystopian world where machines have enslaved humans in a simulated reality called the Matrix.

“The Matrix” Screenplay Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of “The Matrix” screenplay using Syd Field’s Screenwriting Paradigm.

Inciting Incident

Neo receives mysterious correspondence that leads him to follow the white rabbit into the nightclub and meet Trinity. She explains that Morpheus can answer all of his questions and tell him what the Matrix is. Agents come and arrest Neo.

First Plot Point

Neo meets Morpheus who tells him that the Matrix is a fake reality created by machines to enslave all humans. Morpheus offers a choice between two pills, a blue one that will allow Neo to maintain his life as he knows it, or a red pill that brings Neo out of the Matrix and into the real world.

Neo chooses the red pill and is brought into the real world aboard the ship Nebuchadnezzar. Crewmate Cypher is jealous of Neo.

Morpheus tells Neo that he believes him to be “the one” a prophesied hero who will bring an end to the Matrix and free humanity.

First Pinch

Morpheus teaches Neo about the Matrix. He informs him that if you die in the Matrix, then you die in real life. Neo struggles in Matrix simulations he’s meant to practice in, implying that maybe he’s not “the one” after all.

Cypher betrays Morpheus by making a deal with the agents that will allow him to return to the Matrix for good.


Neo meets the Oracle. She and Neo discuss the prophecy of “the one”. . Neo doubts that he is “the one”, and the Oracle agrees. She warns Neo that Morpheus will sacrifice himself to save Neo’s life.

Second Pinch

Agents capture Morpheus, while Cypher’s betrayal results in his death and the deaths of most of the crew.

Second Plot Point

Agents torture Morpheus in an attempt to force him to give up information that will lead to the destruction of the last human city.

Tank, Trinity, and Neo are the only surviving crew. Trinity and Neo decide to go into the Matrix to rescue Morpheus. They fight their way to Morpheus, succeeding in rescuing him. Trinity and Morpheus return to the real world, but Neo gets trapped in the Matrix.


Neo fights Agent Smith and is the first human to win a fight with an agent. Maybe he is the one after all? Smith uploads to another body and chases Neo as he looks for an exit out of the Matrix.

Agent Smith manages to shoot Neo. In the real world, Neo’s body flatlines. Trinity tells Neo that he can’t be dead because the Oracle told her that she’d fall in love with “the one” and that she loves Neo.

Neo revives and easily beats the agents, killing Smith.

Final Scene

Neo sends a message urging people to free themselves from the Matrix. When he’s done, he breaks the rules of the Matrix, taking off and flying away.

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In Conclusion

And that’s “The Matrix”! I hope this script was helpful in showing you how screenplay structure can be broken down into key beats. Be sure to read “The Matrix” screenplay or check out the film if you haven’t seen it! Happy writing!

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