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SoCreate Screenwriting Software’s Weekly Writing Challenge – Prompt 8

Welcome to Prompt 8 of SoCreate Screenwriting Software's Weekly Writing Challenge!

If you're a writer looking to boost your creativity, participating in these challenges can be a great way to do so. By completing this week's prompt, you can stretch your imagination and come up with fresh ideas for your writing.

To get started, click on this link to be directed to a new story in SoCreate. Once there, add the location, characters, and scene description to begin.

This week's prompt asks you to write a scary scene that follows the conversation between parents Roger and Marilyn and their kids Sam and Samantha, immediately after a power outage at a bowling alley. What caused the blackout, and what happens next?

SoCreate Screenwriting Software's
Weekly Writing Challenge

Writing Prompt

Complete this week’s writing challenge by clicking here!

  • Location: INT – Bowling Alley – Night

  • Characters: Marilyn, Roger, Sam, Samantha

  • Scene Description: Roger (33) corals his two kids, Sam (7) and Samantha (11), into their assigned bowling lane seating area. Marilyn (31) arrives with hands full of sodas, popcorn, and corndogs. Before she sets it all down, BLACKOUT. An audible gasp from the other patrons accompanies the power outage.

  • Prompt: Write a scary scene that includes the conversation between the parents (Roger and Marilyn) and their two kids (Sam and Samantha) immediately following the blackout. What caused the power outage, and what happens next?

Extra Credit: Change the title of your story rather than using the title automatically generated for you. To do this, simply click the three-dot menu icon in the green title card in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. From there, click 'Edit Story Settings' to type in a title of your own. Here, you can also edit your story's type, add an optional story description, and adjust writing credits.

Complete the Challenge

Completing this prompt can help you exercise your creativity in a fun and engaging way, all in just a few minutes a week. By using SoCreate, you can quickly get started without worrying about formatting, and utilize the unique character and location imagery tools to help you visualize the scene. Plus, you can keep track of past challenges and build upon them later.

Participating in weekly writing challenges can help you establish a regular writing habit, develop your skills, and find your own unique voice as a writer. You may even find inspiration for new projects or genres you hadn't considered before. Don't wait - take on this week's challenge and see where it takes you!

If you're interested in more prompts like this one, be sure to check back each week for a new challenge. Additionally, you can visit SoCreate's story idea resources for more inspiration:

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By exploring your own creativity and participating in these challenges, you can discover the joy of storytelling with SoCreate!