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SoCreate Screenwriting Software’s Weekly Writing Challenge – Prompt 2

Looking for ways to unlock your creativity and stretch your imagination? SoCreate’s weekly writing challenges are a great place to start. Each week, we offer a new writing prompt to help you exercise your creativity and generate new ideas for your writing.

SoCreate Screenwriting Software's
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Writing Prompt

  • Location: EXT - Queen’s Enchanted Forest - Dawn

  • Characters: Princess Blessing; Spirit

  • Scene Description: Princess Blessing opens her eyes. Her face is down in the dirt. She sees her trusty horse Spirit tied up to a tree through blurry vision. She pushes herself off the ground and realizes where she is: the Queen’s Enchanted Forest.

  • Prompt: Princess Blessing sees someone is asleep on Spirit’s back. She asks Spirit who it is, and to her surprise, Spirit responds! How does the conversation ensue?

Why You Should Complete Weekly Writing Challenges

With SoCreate, you can forget about formatting and let your creativity flow. Our unique character and location imagery tools help you visualize the scene in your mind's eye, making it easier to bring your ideas to life. Plus, with the ability to save past writing challenges and build upon them later, you can develop your writing skills and establish a weekly writing habit to be proud of.

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By participating in these challenges regularly, you can develop your own unique voice as a writer, explore new genres, and even find inspiration for new writing projects.

So why not take on this week's challenge and see where it takes you? And if you're looking for more prompts like this one, be sure to check back here each week. Or, explore some of our other story idea resources for even more inspiration:

By exploring your creativity and taking on new writing challenges, you can unlock your potential as a writer and discover the joy of storytelling with SoCreate. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a subscription today and start writing!