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SoCreate Screenwriting Software’s Weekly Writing Challenge – Prompt 19

Are you a writer in need of a fan for your creative flame? Participating in SoCreate's weekly writing challenges can be the perfect solution to stimulate your imagination and generate fresh ideas for your writing!

Eager to take on this week's challenge? Click here to navigate to a new story on SoCreate, where we've already set the scene for you by adding the location. Start by weaving in action, then dialogue, as your story unfolds!

SoCreate Screenwriting Software's
Weekly Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

  • Location: INT – Shopping Mall – Day

  • Characters: Victoria; Aarin

  • Scene Description: Victoria (25) and Aarin (25) window shop at the mall, which has decked the halls for the holiday season. Both tote many shopping bags and appear to be well-off 20-somethings having the time of their lives until Victoria sees a large decorative fountain in the center of the walkway ahead.

  • Prompt: Write a scene where the fountain prompts a flashback for Victoria that reveals that her pulled-together, successful life may just be an illusion. Let the flashback reveal something shocking about Victoria’s past that somehow involves that decorative fountain.

Extra Credit: Use @Mentions! If your character needs to mention another character, location, or prop that already exists in your story in its dialogue, type the ‘@’ sign to bring up the Quick Add tool to @mention that character, location, or prop. For example, if character Aarin is talking about character Victoria holding the prop Umbrella outside the location Shopping Mall, Mention @Victoria, the @Umbrella, and the @Shopping Mall. By doing this, all of these mentions will be automatically updated if their details change as your story evolves. For example, if Victoria is mentioned 30 times in your story throughout Action, Dialogue, and Notes but you want to change her name to Sharon, you'd only have to change her name in one place, one time, and SoCreate updates Victoria to Sharon wherever she is @mentioned.

Accept the Challenge

By participating in this exercise, you can stretch your writing muscles in an engaging and stimulating way, dedicating just a few minutes each week.

Why You Should Engage in SoCreate's Weekly Writing Exercises

By using SoCreate to undertake these creative exercises, you can:

  • Dive into writing immediately

  • Forget about formatting and let your creativity flow

  • Use your imagination and SoCreate's unique character and location visualization tools to bring the setting and characters to life

  • Track your past creative exercises from your SoCreate dashboard

  • Expand on these exercises later by adding more content

  • Develop a consistent writing habit in just a few minutes a week

By committing to a weekly creative exercise, you can sharpen your writing skills and develop your unique voice. You might even find that these exercises inspire you to explore new genres and embark on different writing projects.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity! Take on the exercise and see where your creativity takes you.

If you're interested in more exercises like this, be sure to check back here each week for a new challenge. You can also visit SoCreate's story idea resources for additional writing inspiration:

By completing these exercises and exploring your creativity, you can enhance your writing skills and experience the joy of storytelling with SoCreate!

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