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SoCreate Screenwriting Software’s Weekly Writing Challenge – Prompt 1

Are you a writer looking to find your creativity? One great way to do so is by participating in SoCreate’s weekly writing challenges. These challenges can help you to stretch your imagination and find new ideas for your writing!

SoCreate Screenwriting Software's
Weekly Writing Challenge

Just click here to be taken directly to a new story in SoCreate where you can complete this challenge today! Once there, we’d recommend adding the location, characters, and scene description to get started.

Complete the Challenge

Writing Prompt

  • Location: EXT - Parking Garage – Dusk

  • Characters: Samson; Shelly

  • Scene description: Shelly opens the passenger door to Samson’s beat-up tan Geo Prism. Fluorescent lights flicker in the garage. Shelly looks around anxiously and gets in the car.

  • Prompt: Samson is a former police detective, and Shelly is a stranger to him with clues that could help him solve a cold case he obsesses over. But Shelly can’t speak. Write a scene that features the pair communicating about the clues.

By completing this prompt, you can exercise your creativity in a fun and engaging way in just a few minutes a week.

Why You Should Complete Weekly Writing Challenges

Using SoCreate to complete these writing challenges will help you:

  • Get started quickly

  • Forget about formatting – let you creativity flow!

  • Visualize the location and characters using your imagination and SoCreate’s unique character and location imagery tools

  • Keep track of past writing challenges from your SoCreate dashboard

  • Build upon these challenges later by adding to them later

  • Establish a weekly writing habit

By setting aside time each week to complete a new prompt, you can build your writing skills and develop your own unique voice as a writer. You may even find that these challenges inspire you to pursue new writing projects or explore new genres that you hadn't considered before.

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So, what are you waiting for? Take on this challenge and see where it takes you. And if you're looking for more prompts like this one, check back here each week for a new prompt. Or, visit these additional SoCreate story idea resources:

By participating in these challenges and exploring your own creativity, you can take your writing to new heights and discover the joy of storytelling with SoCreate!