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Screenwriting Tools Every Screenwriter Should Have on Hand

Screenwriting Tools Every Screenwriter Should Have on Hand 

Screenwriting Software

All writers today need good screenwriting software! Screenwriting software can help relieve you of many formatting worries and allow you to just get down to the business of writing. Not all screenwriting software is created equal, so you'll need to figure out what you want to get out of it before deciding. Are you looking to be able to do pre-writing work in the software? Do you want to be able to collaborate with another writer using the software? Can you switch back and forth from your laptop to your phone or tablet using the software? These are some things to keep in mind when considering which screenwriting software is best for you!

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Dedicated Writing Space

It's so nice to have a space that is just for you to write in. It helps a lot with procrastination because then you can train your brain to think, "when I'm in this space, I will write."

Dedicated Writing Time

As with the previous one, having dedicated writing time is a big help in combating procrastination! Trying to write at the same time every day will quickly train you and turn it into a habit. Click here for a quick-start guide to create a writing schedule.

Notebooks, index cards, pens

While most writers today rely on computers to do the bulk of their writing, I still find writing things out by hand to be helpful. I find that I do a lot of physical non-computer writing when I'm plotting things out or writing scenes that I'm unsure about. I make sure to have various physical writing supplies on hand for when I start a new project.

Planning Space

This might look like a large whiteboard or a blank wall; really, it can be any space large enough to plot out aspects of your story. Having enough space to place index cards representing each scene of your script is hugely beneficial. It's helpful to see everything all mapped out so that you can tell how your story flows.

Screenwriting Books

It's a great idea to have some screenwriting books on hand so that you can quickly look to them for any format or structural questions that may come up in your writing. Some of my favorites I keep nearby include The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script by David Trottier and Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting You'll Ever Need by Blake Snyder.


A calendar is great to have so that you're able to keep track of important contests or fellowship deadlines! A calendar also ensures that you'll meet your goals as long as you meet certain milestones. It can help you stay on track, like how screenwriter Ashlee Stormo does with her planner.

I hope this list provided you with some ideas for tools screenwriters should have on hand at the ready! Did I forget any? What are the must-have tools that you need to have on hand to write? Leave your comments below!

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