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Screenwriters to Watch 2023

When thinking about the film industry's future, it's always exciting to consider the new emerging screenwriters who will breathe life into stories and create captivating characters based on their unique experiences.

So many exciting writers will help shape the film industry into a more inclusive and diverse space where many feel seen and represented. And hey, one of those writers might be you!

Who are some of these writers whose work we can look forward to seeing now and in the future? Keep reading to be inspired and learn more about five screenwriters to watch in 2023!

Screenwriters to
Watch 2023

Screenwriter Evan Dodson

When he was only 21, Evan Dodson became the youngest screenwriter featured on The Blacklist. Since then, he's had success penning projects with some impressive big names attached.

He was tapped to rewrite the script for Lee Daniel's remake of "Terms of Endearment." The remake will focus on a black family in the 1980s-1990s. The film reportedly has Oprah Winfrey in talks to take on Shirley MacLaine's acclaimed role.

Another one of his projects, "Two Butterflies," was written when Dodson was just a sophomore in college. The script has been purchased by Amazon and is set to star Viola Davis. "Two Butterflies" tells the story of two sisters who confront trauma and find healing when they reunite, and one sister must be admitted to an Alzheimer's facility.

Dodson's emotional stories focused on black families are something to watch as they enter production and hopefully come to a screen near all of us soon.

IMDb: Evan Dodson

Instagram: evanndodson

Screenwriter Janene Lin

After a 13-year career in advertising, Janene Lin switched gears to pursue screenwriting. She quickly became a Paramount Writers Mentorship program graduate and soon staffed on the CBS bowling sitcom, "How We Roll." Following that, she's been staffed on the highly anticipated continuation of "Frasier," starring Kelsey Grammer. Janene enjoys writing about self-discovery and "the hilarious tension between who we wish we were versus who we actually are."

Janene Lin is a writer to watch as she continues to make inroads in television writing.

IMDb: Janene Lin

Instagram: janenelin

Screenwriter Stevie Wain

Having grown up in a conservative Pennsylvanian town with "one freshly out of the gay closet mom and one divorced, bitter dad," Stevie herself would grow up to come out and center much of her comedy writing on queer identity and becoming your authentic self.

Her indie TV pilot, "Day Jobs" (which she wrote, co-directed, and starred in), won the 2022 Audience Award at the 29th Austin Film Festival. "Day Jobs" is a comedy about a recently out lesbian comedian trying to make it in LA while still living with her ex-boyfriend.

Stevie was a "notable writer" participant in the 2022 Outfest Screenwriting Lab with her half-hour script about catholic school middle schoolers who learn witchcraft, "Outcasts."

Stevie Wain has also performed over 150 stand-up comedy shows in LA and created her comedy show called "That's So Gay."


Twitter: @StayFunny_Wain

Screenwriter Raul Sharma

Raul Sharma, an up-and-coming Kiwi-Indian screenwriter, received his Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from the New York Film Academy and has since gone on to work as the script coordinator for the 30th season of "Power Rangers."

Raul previously worked as a Development Assistant for Pantheon Entertainment, where he helped acclaimed producer, Andrew Sugarman, run his office.

Raul describes his writing as consisting of dark escapist genre features and adult animated pilots. He's been the recipient of the New Zealand Writers Guild's Seed Grant and has placed in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship and the Austin Film Festival's screenwriting contest.


Twitter: @WrittenByRaul

Screenwriter Carrie Solomon

Through determination and persistence, Carrie Solomon landed her first high-profile writing job penning the untitled Margot Robbie "Ocean's Eleven" project. She snagged a meeting with Margot Robbie's production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, and was set on convincing everybody that she was the right writer for the job. Convince them she did, and now she's the writer on a highly anticipated project.

Her 2019 Black List script, "My Boyfriend's Wedding," about a commitment-phobic 30-year-old who decides to attend her on-again, off-again boyfriend's wedding, is in development.

When asked by Variety what she hopes to bring to the industry, she said, "Like that feeling od downing a good piece of pizza. Walking out of a theater, getting up from your couch, going to bed — that is the feeling that I would hope to bring to this landscape if I could have any influence at all."

IMDb: Carrie Solomon (III)

These five screenwriters will undoubtedly leave their mark on the film industry. As we eagerly await their future projects, follow them on social media and check out any currently available works. You’re sure to be inspired!

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