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Screenwriter She’Ra Hagans is a Lifelong Learner and Creator

Some people were born tomake something, and SoCreate is here for that! We want to be the go-to tool for creators whoneed to tell their story, express themselves, and share their unique angles. We want to be the go-to tool for creators like She’Ra Hagans.

I first met She’Ra through our “So, Write Your Bills Away” Sweepstakes. She entered for a shot at winning three months of paid bills so she could focus on writing. But like many writers, she has several outlets for her creativity, not just the written word. She’s the epitome of living a creative life.

“As a longtime lover of cinema, I was always interested in how films were written, and I wanted to learn how to do it and then do it myself,” she told us. But her creative spark didn’t start there. “I started off in the theatre, acting and writing short plays.”

Later, she said, she picked up books on film theory and screenwriting.

Then, she found the writing community.

“I’ve joined multiple writing groups to meet people and share my work,” she told us.

She said she also finds writing contests to be a useful tool to market her scripts.

But, she said, there’s no substitute for getting the work done in the first place.

“The best advice I’ve ever heard was pretty simple to follow, and that was to write. Write as much as possible. Write every single day. Write without judgment. Get the story out of you and go from there. That’s what I try to do every time I sit down and write,” she said.

Next up on She’Ra’s list of creative pursuits? Directing and expanding her music career. She’s also working on revising “Re-Invention of a Wallflower,” (read a sample here) as well as a new screenplay.  

Want to follow along on her endeavors? She’s on Instagram at @muse__of__fire & @heart_shaped_noise, on Twitter at @BlackSwanRises, and on Facebook at /SheRaHagans.

Who knows, all of her pursuits may spark something in you, too.

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