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Popular Character Names for Screenplays by Category

Popular Character Names for Screenplays by Category

I can’t even tell you how much time I’ve spent struggling to name characters. It can be tough sometimes! You want a character’s name to tell the audience something about them. You want a name to be unique and memorable. You want a name that fits—finding a name that does all of these things can be challenging. But fear not! If you struggle with naming characters as I do, I’ve come up with just the thing to help! I’ve compiled a list of popular character names, broken down into specific categories, for your next screenplay.

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Popular English Female Names for Screenplays

  1. Sarah

  2. Mary

  3. Anna

  4. Alice

  5. Rachel

  6. Maria

  7. Claire

  8. Allie

  9. Mia

  10. Rose

  11. Zoe

  12. Emma

  13. Kate

  14. Margo

  15. Lisa

  16. Emily

  17. Lucy

  18. Helen

  19. Jane

  20. Laura

Popular English Male Names for Screenplays

  1. Sam

  2. Jack

  3. Paul

  4. David

  5. Frank

  6. Charlie

  7. John

  8. Alex

  9. Ben

  10. Michael

  11. Mike

  12. Tom

  13. Joe

  14. Peter

  15. Mark

  16. Nick

  17. Max

  18. Tony

  19. George

  20. Jimmy

Popular English Nonbinary Names for Screenplays

  1. Andi

  2. Ash

  3. Blake

  4. Carter

  5. Casey

  6. Dani

  7. Devon

  8. Elliott

  9. Frankie

  10. Jamie

  11. Joey

  12. Kai

  13. Morgan

  14. Riley

  15. Robin

  16. Spencer

  17. Syd

  18. Taylor

  19. Terry

  20. Theo

Popular Girl Anime Names for Screenplays

  1. Aimi

  2. Ami

  3. Asuna

  4. Chiyoko

  5. Hana

  6. Hinata

  7. Kairi

  8. Miaka

  9. Miho

  10. Mikasa

  11. Minako

  12. Misaki

  13. Nami

  14. Rem

  15. Rin

  16. Saukura

  17. Tohru

  18. Yuki

  19. Yumiko

  20. Yuno

Popular Boy Anime Names for Screenplays

  1. Akihiro

  2. Akito

  3. Daisuke

  4. Eren

  5. Haru

  6. Hayate

  7. Hiro

  8. Ichiro

  9. Jiro

  10. Kaji

  11. Kenji

  12. Koichi

  13. Makoto

  14. Nao

  15. Ryu

  16. Satoshi

  17. Shiro

  18. Sora

  19. Tai

  20. Tetsuya

Popular English Names in Historical Fiction Screenplays

  1. Alexandria

  2. Cecilia

  3. Elizabeth

  4. Esther

  5. Isabelle

  6. Josephine

  7. Mabel

  8. Scarlet

  9. Victoria

  10. Zelda

  11. Alexander

  12. Franklin

  13. Harold

  14. Joseph

  15. Johnathan

  16. Richard

  17. Robert

  18. Thomas

  19. Theodore

  20. William

Popular English Names in Comedy Screenplays

  1. Alison

  2. Becca

  3. Beth

  4. Carol

  5. Chloe

  6. Debbie

  7. Jessica

  8. Jill

  9. Karen

  10. Stacey

  11. Andy

  12. Brian

  13. Evan

  14. Jay

  15. Nicky

  16. Peter

  17. Robbie

  18. Roy

  19. Ted

  20. Trevor

Popular English Names in Drama Screenplays

  1. Andrew

  2. Anthony

  3. Benjamin

  4. Charles

  5. Gary

  6. Harry

  7. James

  8. Louis

  9. Kevin

  10. Matthew

  11. Abigail

  12. Audrey

  13. Charlotte

  14. Diane

  15. Hannah

  16. Jenny

  17. Katherine

  18. Michelle

  19. Olivia

  20. Sophie

Hopefully, these lists were helpful, but if you still find yourself struggling, check out my previous blog, How to Pick a Character Name for Your Screenplay. There’s plenty more to consider when naming your character in your script. Happy writing!

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