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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

How to Use Quick Add to Add a Prop in SoCreate Screenwriting Software

Use SoCreate’s Quick Add feature to rapidly add new Props or @mention existing Props in your script.

To add a new Prop using the Quick Add feature:

  1. Type the @ symbol to reveal the Quick Add feature. From here, tab down to the Prop icon from the sidebar, then add your new Prop details such as name and an optional description.

  2. Click Add Prop. Your new Prop will appear in blue text within your Dialogue or Action Stream Item where it is @mentioned.

You can change the name of this Prop at any time by clicking it wherever it is @mentioned in your screenplay to reveal a three-dot menu icon. Click “Edit Prop” and make your changes.

The new name and / or revised description of this Prop will be applied anywhere you’ve @mentioned the prop in your script.