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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

How to Use Quick Add to Add a Location in SoCreate Screenwriting Software

Use SoCreate’s Quick Add feature to rapidly add new Locations or @mention existing Locations in your script.

To use the Quick Add feature to add a new Location or @mention an existing location:

  1. Type the @ symbol to reveal the Quick Add feature. From here, tab down to the Location you wish to @mention.

  2. To create a new Location, type the @ symbol again. Click or tab down to the Location icon from the sidebar, then add your new Location details such as name, setting, time of day, and optional description.

  3. Use the auto-selected image or choose a new one by clicking the edit symbol next to the Location image.

  4. Sort through the image library by using the navigation along the top to see images already used in your story, or to see Real or Doodle images only.

  5. Use the search bar to type in descriptive features about your Location to further narrow the image results.

  6. Click Use Image to finalize the change. Then click Add Location.

The new Location will appear in your Story Toolbar for future use and will appear highlighted in the Dialogue or Action Stream Item where it was first mentioned.

To update the name of the Location everywhere it’s @mentioned in the script, simply navigate to the Location you wish to update in your Story Toolbar. Hover over the image and use the three-dot menu icon to edit the Location name, image, or optional details. Click “Save Location,” and that Location will be updated in your Story Toolbar and everywhere you’ve @mentioned it in your Story.