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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

How to Import a Story Into SoCreate Screenwriting Software

Import old screenplays into SoCreate Screenwriting Software to give them new life! SoCreate easily imports Final Draft files, pairs characters and locations with images from our image library, and allows you to see your script in an entirely new way.

To import screenplays from legacy software into SoCreate:

  1. Click the blue “Import Story” button at the top of your SoCreate Dashboard.

  2. From the dropdown, choose whether your imported story is a movie, a TV show, a short, or a SoCreate Backup file.

  3. A pop up will appear for you to choose the file you wish to import. Click that file name, then click open.

  4. A preview of your story as it will appear in SoCreate will load. At the bottom left of this window, choose whether you want location and character images to be represented by doodles or realistic imagery.

  5. SoCreate will make image matches for your locations and characters automatically. These can always be edited later.

  6. Then click, import now.

Your new screenplay will appear on your dashboard. Click into it to see your story come to life in SoCreate Writer.