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How to Find Writing Inspiration

Find Writing Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration strikes out of nowhere. Other times finding inspiration can be like finding water in a barren desert. So, what are some ways to stay inspired? How does maintaining inspiration work for a working writer that has to stick to a schedule? This blog is your source for all things inspiration, so bookmark it and return to it when you need a quick boost!

Maintaining Inspiration

Working in any creative field and finding new inspiration can be challenging. You have to be creative whether you're feeling it or not, so how do you build a process that will ensure success?

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You'll need a way to consistently come up with new ideas, which means you need to surround yourself with things that intrigue you. Read new books, watch smart TV shows, and consume media that challenges you. Meet new people or people watch. Ask interesting questions.

But you'll also need to maintain your passion for writing. Luckily, SoCreate's got a list of ideas on how to stay inspired as a professional writer.

As a working writer, some sort of structure and schedule will be essential to success in your career. When you're a professional writer, you can't just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. You have to be able to work even when you're not feeling particularly inspired. The more you practice screenwriting discipline and work stick to your writing schedule, the more you'll grow accustomed to not only writing when the whim of inspiration strikes. Routine will teach you that inspiration can and will show up when you're working! Using your brain creatively and working away at a challenging project is sometimes the best way to drum up inspiration.

Some days you just won't feel like writing, and that's OK! It's normal for creatives, or anyone for that matter, to feel down or become discouraged sometimes, but the pros know how to pull themselves out of it. Check out 3 Ways to Get Over Your Screenwriting Blues for advice to quickly turn those creative troubles around.

When everything else fails to get you inspired, you can always lean on inspirational screenwriting quotes from some greats. They've been where you are, and sometimes we need that reminder.  

Some of my favorites?

"It is better to write a bad first draft than to write no first draft at all."- Will Shetterly

"Don't lose faith in what you are trying to do, even though you will get pummeled emotionally left and right. There are a lot of NO's to any YES. And that's OK."- Jennifer Lee

Career Inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration more in terms of your career and sticking to your dreams of becoming a working writer? Maybe some stories and accounts from other screenwriters who've stood where you stand can help. Check out this blog following a day in the life of an aspiring screenwriter. You can also follow SoCreate's "So, Write Your Bills Away" Sweepstakes Winner, Zachary Rowell, from the beginning of his journey to finish a script in 90 days to the end, where he ultimately sold an option to it.  

If your inspiration comes in the form of answers to more existential screenwriting questions, look to some incredible SoCreate interviews with working writers, who answer questions such as:

While inspiration sometimes does randomly hit you on the head like a falling acorn, other times, you'll have to figure out how to conjure it while you're doing the work. That's just part of the process. Writing continuously will lead you to new ideas, new creative breakthroughs, and an overall familiarity and understanding of the work you're making. It can only go up from here! Good luck on your journey to find writing inspiration and happy writing! 

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