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How to Find Screenwriting Jobs

Find Screenwriting Jobs

So, you’re looking for a screenwriting job! How do you even get started? I’m sure you’ve been scouring the internet and googling screenwriting jobs, but the results are iffy and not always super helpful or specific. Back in the day, it seems like a writer could wander onto a studio lot and find a job in a writer’s room, but today the ways screenwriters break into the industry are varied and diverse, and you probably wouldn’t make it far if you tried sauntering onto a lot. Keep reading to find out how to find screenwriting jobs.

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Almost all jobs require a resume, but often screenwriters wonder if they should have one. Yes, you should have a screenwriting resume. Whether it’s an internship, a fellowship, or a paid writing position, there’s a lot of different opportunities that you will come across in your writing career that may ask for a resume, so you’ll want to have one handy! Click here to learn what you should include on a screenwriting resume.

Screenwriting Jobs for Students

Would you happen to be a college student looking to break into the industry and get your first job? Then your best bet might be starting with an internship. Internships can be a great way to gain experience and get your foot in the film and television industry door. You can find internships from huge companies like Disney and Warner Brothers, to more mid-sized production companies, to talent agencies. Your internship might not be based in writing specifically, but just interning in an industry-based job can provide you with experience and a greater understanding of how the film and television industry works.

If you’re a film student, be sure to check in with your program and see if your school has any specific internship opportunity connections. You can also check out this ongoing list of screenwriting internships for new and up to date opportunities!

Screenwriting Jobs for Non-Students

Maybe you’re currently working other jobs while pursuing your dream of being a paid professional screenwriter. Check out 6 Unique Screenwriting Job Ideas for Aspiring Writers for ideas about industry adjacent jobs you can hold down during your screenwriting career pursuit. These jobs may even be able to help you network and make connections that could assist in your screenwriting career. Alternative Jobs For Aspiring Screenwriters will also help you earn a paycheck while still having time to focus on writing for which you may or may not be getting paid.

Screenwriting Jobs in New York and Los Angeles

Are you located in one of the American film industry hubs, such as New York or Los Angeles? Then you’re probably specifically looking for screenwriting jobs based there. Check out these blogs to find out more about scoring a screenwriting job in one of these significant filmmaking hubs!

Look Outside Film and TV

You may be surprised to find out that screenwriting gigs are not limited to film and TV. Are you passionate about video games? If you’re a fervent video game lover and have what it takes, then you might consider pursuing a career as a scriptwriter for video games.

Remember, most screenwriters’ experiences of breaking into the industry and landing a paid writing job are all very different! There’s no one way to go about scoring a screenwriting gig. Becoming a paid screenwriter is a unique challenge that’s full of ups and downs and successes and rejections. Stay dedicated and persistent, and as always, keep writing!