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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

How to Add Direction to Dialogue in SoCreate Screenwriting Software

To add more context to how your character says something in SoCreate Screenwriting Software, you may add dialogue direction.

Dialogue direction helps indicate to a reader or an actor how a line of dialogue is meant to be delivered.

It is optional, and writing experts say it should be used sparingly.

To add dialogue direction to a character's dialogue stream item:

  1. Click on the dialogue stream item you want to edit.

  2. Beneath it, find the icon showing a person and an arrow, and click.

  3. A box will appear above the selected dialogue.

  4. Here, enter how you’d like the character to deliver this line, whether they’re crying, rolling their eyes, laughing, or something else.

  5. Click out of the dialogue stream item to finalize the change.

If an applicable version of your Charatar exists, their face will change based on the dialogue direction you enter.