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SoCreate Launches 2 New Open Source Projects - ‘Service Fabric’ Reliable Services

When it came time to build out SoCreate’s screenwriting software infrastructure, we evaluated several options for managing our application cache and data protection. Our SoCreate engineers are big fans of Microsoft Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, launch, and manage scalable microservices and containers. Service Fabric also addresses challenges related to developing and managing cloud native applications.  

So, rather than using Redis or SQL Server as a cache store, we built our own Service Fabric ’Distributed Cache’ service, then leveraged the ‘Distributed Cache’ service to build Service Fabric ‘Data Protection’ service. While it took a bit of effort on our part to build these libraries, it was less time consuming than setting up, managing, and running Redis Cache as a cluster – a complicated process.  

The result?

“We can now use Service Fabric Distributed Cache to enhance application performance; and use Service Fabric Data Protection to allow distributed web applications to protect session cookies without depending on yet another third party pay-as-you-go service such as Redis or Blob storage."

Jami Lurock, SoCreate’s Chief of Engineering

And we think you’ll find this useful, too! The libraries, documentation, and more information about these two open-source SoCreate projects can be found below:

We’d love to hear your feedback, to work with you and your contributions, and to see where we can take these two new projects! Stay tuned and follow our projects on GitHub.  

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