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Ultimate Summer Activity for Kids: Creating a Movie Script with SoCreate Writer

Summer break is a time for fun, relaxation, and exploration. It's also the perfect time for kids to dive into hands-on activities that keep them engaged and learning. One of our favorite summer ideas is using SoCreate Writer, a revolutionary screenwriting software, to write a movie, short stories, or even a TV show. This project not only keeps kids busy during the summer months but also provides them with a unique educational experience that they won't necessarily get in school.

Ultimate Summer Activity for Kids

Creating a Movie Script with SoCreate Writer

Why SoCreate Writer is the Perfect Summer Activity

SoCreate Writer is an excellent tool for kids to have on hand all summer long. It's a fun alternative to playing video games or scrolling through social media. Plus, it can be used on any device with an internet browser, making it the perfect on-the-go activity from a tablet, smart phone, or laptop. Whether your child is waiting for their siblings to finish a baseball game or you're on a long road trip or family vacation, SoCreate Writer can keep them entertained and learning.

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What Kids Can Expect to Learn by Making a Movie

By using SoCreate Writer to write a movie or TV show, kids can learn valuable skills that they'll bring into the next year of school. They'll learn how to develop a story, create engaging characters, and write dialogue. They'll also learn about the structure of a screenplay and how to format their writing. These skills can enhance their language arts abilities and foster their creativity.

How to Make a Movie with SoCreate Writer and a Smartphone

Once kids have written their script in SoCreate Writer, they can bring it to life by making a movie. All they need is a smartphone, some costumes and props, and a few friends to act in their movie. Here's how:

Watch Movies as Research

Before they start writing, kids can watch some of their favorite movies to get ideas and inspiration. This can also help them understand the structure of a movie and how stories are told on screen.

Plan the Movie Outline

Kids can use SoCreate Writer to plan their movie outline. They can create fun locations and characters using SoCreate's imagery collection. This helps them visualize their story and makes the writing process more engaging.

Choose Costumes and Props

Once the script is written, kids can choose costumes and props that fit their characters and settings. This is a fun and creative process that can involve the entire family.

Get Friends Involved

Kids can invite their friends to act in their movie. This not only makes the process more fun but also helps kids learn about collaboration and teamwork.

Shoot the Movie

Finally, a parent or friend can use a smartphone to shoot the movie. This can be a fun and exciting process as kids see their story come to life.

Share the Movie

Once the movie is finished, kids can share it with their family and friends. This can be a rewarding experience as they see the results of their hard work and creativity.

Involving the Entire Family and Friends

One of the best parts about this summer activity is that it can involve the entire family and friends. Parents can help kids brainstorm ideas, choose costumes and props, and shoot the movie. Siblings and friends can act in the movie or help behind the scenes. This not only makes the process more fun but also provides a wonderful opportunity for quality time with family and friends. Plus, it can lead to a memorable family movie night where everyone gathers to watch the finished product.


Writing a movie or TV show with SoCreate Writer is a fun, engaging, and educational summer activity for kids. It keeps them busy, fosters their creativity, and provides them with a unique learning experience. This hands-on activity not only helps reduce screen time but also equips them with valuable skills they can carry into the next school year. So why not add SoCreate Writer to your summer bucket list of activities? It's the perfect tool for those long summer days, whether you're at home or on a family vacation. Get your kids set up on SoCreate Writer today by clicking here. Let's make this summer a memorable adventure of creativity and learning for your kids!

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