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Posted on by Courtney Meznarich

SoCreate Selected to Showcase Groundbreaking Storytelling Platform at ISTE 2023

SoCreate, the pioneering platform redefining storytelling for kids, is honored to announce our selection to showcase at the renowned International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference for 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

Recognized as a premier event for educators seeking the latest technology tools, ISTE 2023 offers SoCreate a prime opportunity to exhibit how our platform is enhancing digital literacy and communication skills in the K-12 educational sphere.

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SoCreate's platform offers a unique twist on writing for kids by removing traditional formatting woes, letting students focus solely on storytelling. This way, the creative process is streamlined and stress-free, allowing ideas to flow without technical interruptions.

As part of our immersive storytelling environment, students can choose images for characters and locations, providing a visual backdrop to their narrative. This unique feature keeps students highly engaged in the process, making writing more interactive and visually stimulating.

Finally, with the ability to export a perfectly formatted screenplay, students are well-equipped for lessons specific to video projects, digital content creation, and filmmaking. This feature provides a practical real-world application, bridging the gap between classroom learning and the exciting world of video.

Educators nationwide are already reaping the benefits of incorporating SoCreate into their curriculum, witnessing firsthand how the platform can stimulate learning, enhance student engagement, and cultivate narrative writing skills.

Here are a few reasons why you should stop by our booth at ISTE to see a demo:

  • Innovation in Learning

    SoCreate offers a dynamic and engaging approach to teaching narrative writing.

  • Cross-Curricular Applications

    SoCreate's storytelling can be utilized in various subjects, breathing life into historical events or complex scientific concepts.

  • Real-World Skills

    SoCreate equips students with practical skills such as digital literacy, creativity, and critical thinking.

  • Student Empowerment

    SoCreate provides students with the tools to narrate, create, and express their ideas, fostering confidence and autonomy.

We're eager for ISTE 2023 attendees to see how SoCreate revolutionizes the classroom experience by merging creativity with technology. With its potential to enhance technology integration and utilize storytelling to meet learning objectives in many subjects, SoCreate is a tool every forward-thinking educator will want to consider.

Integrating technology into the classroom isn't just about using gadgets and apps. It's about crafting a dynamic, interactive learning environment that nurtures digital literacy, sparks creativity, and encourages effective communication. SoCreate is honored to play a role in this journey, assisting teachers and students in crafting compelling stories.

We invite all educators attending the ISTE conference to visit our booth. Experience how SoCreate can transform your teaching practice and engage your students like never before.

At SoCreate, we're dedicated to fostering the future of education – a future where creativity, digital literacy, and technology work together to inspire the next generation of storytellers. We look forward to meeting you at ISTE 2023!

About SoCreate

SoCreate provides a revolutionary approach to screenwriting and storytelling for kids. We're inspiring a new generation of writers and creators, enhancing digital literacy, and creating a dynamic learning experience that promotes creativity, communication, and critical thinking.