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Free Screenwriting Software for Teachers: Take Part in SoCreate's Pilot Program

Looking for free screenwriting software for your school or classroom? SoCreate Screenwriting Software invites educators to participate in an exclusive pilot program, specifically designed for film, creative writing and storytelling classes, afterschool programs, and clubs.

SoCreate is pioneering the way for the next generation of screenwriters with its innovative, visual screenwriting software. As a partner in the pilot program, your entire class will receive complimentary access to SoCreate.

In return, SoCreate asks that you integrate the software into your curriculum, partake in occasional check-ins with us to discuss the program’s progress, provide feedback on our software, and share the success stories of your students.

Like this feedback from college screenwriting professor Randi Barros:

"I definitely think the writing is better this quarter! In past quarters, the first scripts have tended to be less complex and complete.I would say in an overall way, this quarter has been superior, with almost all of the students turning in quality work for their first projects."

Randi Barros, College Screenwriting Professor

SoCreate Screenwriting Software is crafted to empower novice writers, enabling them to produce professional screenplays and visual stories while nurturing their creativity in a visually immersive writing environment. Teachers can set up student accounts via Google, Microsoft, or Apple Classroom in minutes.

We encourgage educators to share this unique opportunity with colleagues who may be interested in incorporating SoCreate Screenwriting Software into their teaching repertoire.

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What Early Users Have to Say:

“Last week I wrapped an after-school program where I taught kids how movies are made… If you’re familiar with screenwriting software – and middle school kids – you know there’s really nothing out there that captures a kid’s wandering mind, and more importantly, engages their creative spirit in a way that keeps them actively hooked into the writing process. Everything out there is simply too technically geared and aesthetically mundane for a kid to feel inspired and stay focused. Well, I’m very happy to report that is no longer the case. I stumbled upon a new screenwriting software called SoCreate. And I cannot stress enough how this is going to be an absolute game changer, especially in the educational landscape.”

Students hold up their screenplays, created in SoCreate, while wearing costumes ahead of filming their short film

Filmmaking students show off their SoCreate screenplay.

“This is exactly the type of creative program that can inspire and shape today’s young storytellers into tomorrow’s icons – the next Spielberg’s and Lucas’, Greta Gerwig’s and Quinta Brunson’s, Jordan Peele’s and Ari Aster’s, etc.”

Young screenwriters show off their SoCreate script in class

Young screenwriters show off their SoCreate scripts

“I witnessed first-hand how energized my students became when we used this software. There’s no doubt in my mind it can be a major disruptor. Not only in the educational space but in the entire entertainment space, as well.”

SoCreate recognizes the vital role of writing as a creative outlet for students, and is eager to foster a passion for storytelling, screenwriting, filmmaking, and various creative careers through this pilot program. As educators, you have a unique opportunity to significantly influence the development of the software, while your students get an early introduction to the future of creative writing.

To participate, simply submit your plan detailing how you intend to implement SoCreate in your classroom, the number of student licenses required, and your contact information. Please apply as soon as possible if you’re interested as we anticipate filling all slots.

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SoCreate: Inspiring stories, empowering writers. Let’s shape the future of storytelling together!