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A doodle trying to hand another doodle feedback and he is not listening or paying attention.

Take My Feedback, Please!

One of the most frustrating things you can experience as a consumer of a product or service is when the provider you are paying doesn't really care to take your feedback. These situations have been pet peeves of mine for a very long time, and we're going to do everything in our power never to do this at ... पढ़ना जारी रखें
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A doodle fanning out a handful of credit cards.

Bootstrapping Ain’t Easy: Funding My First Startup on Credit Cards

From the time I was a kid, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I was sure that at some point, I would own my own business. Like many entrepreneurs, the first business I had was mowing lawns. I started it in third grade and had lots of clients that would pay me $5 to $10 a week, depending on the size of their lawn. It was great ... पढ़ना जारी रखें
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A Doodle struggling to push through a brick wall.

Bootstrapping Ain't Easy: You Can Only Win if You Keep on Pushing

No one starts a business to have it fail, but unfortunately, that is what happens all too often. I know I certainly had many close calls with business failure while running my former companies, and the weight of those seemingly inevitable failures baring down on you is crushing. It can be kryptonite to the point that your paralyzed and utterly ineffective at finding a way out. I believe there is always a way out, and the key to finding it is just to keep pushing forward. My Dad used to say, "There's always another way, and if you keep looking, you'll find it." His advice ... पढ़ना जारी रखें
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SoCreate Logo

Introducing SoCreate, The Future Of Screenwriting!

Today is a new day. It’s the day we ratchet forward the dial on our time machine as we begin to build a bridge to a new dimension, to a future where creators that write for the screen are unbounded by the rigid frameworks they currently must adhere to. This is a future I have been thinking about for a very long time. It is a future that will be funded by the past 10 years of hard work, dedication, and my family’s life savings. It is an inflection point that will cause a cataclysmic change in the way creative works are brought to life. It will be the new reality that writers have craved since they began imagining stories... पढ़ना जारी रखें
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संस्थापक का ब्लॉग

जस्टिन काउटो
पटकथा लेखन, पटकथा लेखन उद्योग, व्यवसाय, तकनीक, और SoCreate में हमारे द्वारा निर्मित की जाने वाली उत्कृष्टता की संस्कृति के बारे में हमारे संस्थापक जस्टिन काउटो के विचार और राय पाएं।

ट्विटर पर जस्टिन

हमारा मिशन

SoCreate का मिशन है, दुनिया को कहानी कहने की कला के माध्यम से एकजुट करना।

दुनिया का अब तक का सबसे सरल, लेकिन सबसे शक्तिशाली पटकथा लेखन में समर्थ बनाने वाला उपकरण बनाकर, दुनिया को कहानी कहने की कला के माध्यम से एक साथ जोड़ना ही हमारा मिशन है। हमारा मानना है कि पटकथा लेखन के साधन के माध्यम से दुनिया की कहानियां प्रदान करने पर सबसे अलग और रोमांचक फ़िल्में और टेलीविज़न बनाने में मदद मिलेगी।

SoCreate में हम दुनिया भर के कहानीकारों के लिए अपने अनोखे विचारों को टीवी या फ़िल्म की पटकथाओं में बदलना मज़ेदार और आसान बनाते हैं। यह बहुत आसान है!

हमारे मुख्य आदर्श

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    हमेशा सबसे
    ऊपर रखें

  • इसे आसानरखें

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  • बारीकियों परध्यान दें

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  • मेहनत से काम करें, समझदार बनें,और जो सही है वो करें

    मेहनत से काम करें,
    समझदार बनें, और
    जो सही है वो करें

  • याद रखें, हमेशा एक दूसरारास्ता भी होता है

    याद रखें, हमेशा
    एक दूसरा रास्ता
    भी होता है

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