Ever dreamed of turning your stories into movies?

Effortlessly transform your story ideas into Hollywood-ready movie & TV scripts with SoCreate Screenwriting Software.

  • No steep software learning curve: start writing your dream script in minutes
  • Write in a logical, visual way; we’ll handle the complicated script formatting stuff behind the scenes
  • Export your story to a perfectly formatted, Hollywood-ready screenplay with one click

No screenwriting experience required.

With one click

export a perfectly formatted industry-standard screenplay

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What Screenwriters Are Saying

  • SoCreate's going to turn screenwriters out of people who thought they would never be one. It's extraordinarily cool stuff. - Doug Richardson (HOSTAGE, BAD BOYS, DIE HARD 2)

  • SoCreate completely blew me away. If we give these kinds of tools to the masses, it just makes it so we have more stories and we have more collaboration. I love it. - Adam G. Simon (MAN DOWN, POINT BLANK, THE RAID)

  • When I first tried SoCreate, I thought WOW, this is so incredible for a visual person like myself! Having the ability to "see" what's in my head and have this interactive element of seeing your script come alive is really great … I would recommend SoCreate to newbie screenwriters who are looking for a fun way to experience screenwriting and … also recommend to writers who resonate more with a visual experience. - Pages Matam (The Professional Pen Story Expert & Script Consultant)

Why SoCreate?

SoCreate is the ideal partner for seasoned pros and beginners alike. For aspiring writers, SoCreate simplifies and demystifies the process, making it more accessible and enjoyable. And for screenwriting veterans, SoCreate’s advanced tools and collaborative features streamline your workflow and enhance your creative process. Here’s the SoCreate difference:

  • Ease of Use and Quick Start:
    With no steep learning curve, you can start writing your dream script in minutes and have fun while doing it.
  • Automated Formatting:
    SoCreate handles all the complicated script formatting behind the scenes so you can focus on what’s important: your story.
  • Visual Writing Environment:
    SoCreate offers a logical, visual way of writing that helps you visualize your story’s structure, settings, and characters while ensuring your readers visualize what you want them to see!
  • Professional Collaboration and Control:
    Easily share your work with your industry network while maintaining control over your content – a critical and game-changing feature for professionals who need to collaborate without the hassle of managing multiple PDFs or feedback documents.
  • Efficiency and Compatibility:
    With features like one-click export to a perfectly formatted screenplay, import and export options for Final Draft screenplays, and access on any device with an internet browser, SoCreate enhances productivity and enables you to work efficiently and flexibly across different devices at any time.

Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Add the Location where your scenes take place.

Step 2:
Add the Action occurring at this Location. Then, create a Character and give them something to say!

Step 3:
Export your professionally formatted screenplay with one click.

For more in-depth instructions, check out our how-to guides for beginners and experienced screenwriters.

Stop waiting & start writing your blockbuster screenplay today!

Professional Plan

  • Image Uploading:
    Elevate your storytelling with our easy-to-use image upload feature. Add personal touches to characters' locations and action sequences by quickly uploading photos from your phone or computer, seamlessly integrating visuals into your narrative.
  • Realtime Collaboration:
    Collaborate on your story live: instantly see each other's additions and edits in real-time. Invite as many collaborators as you'd like.
  • Feedback Workflows: (Coming Soon!)
    Streamline your story development with our innovative feedback system. Easily request insights on any part of your story from anyone, SoCreate subscriber or not. Our simplified process turns script reading and feedback into an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Features that are included in all plans: