Screenwriting for Experienced Screenwriters

How to Get Started with SoCreate for Experienced Screenwriters

Follow these 8 steps to write your first screenplay with SoCreate. While SoCreate looks radically different than traditional screenwriting software, it outputs the professional screenplay the film industry expects.

There are as many ways to approach the screenwriting process as there are writers in the world, but here’s one quick way to jump right in on your next masterpiece, beginning with Scene 1. Please note that all steps can be completed via mouse or via Keyboard Shortcuts.

Step 1: Add a Location

Start by adding a Location to Scene 1, which has been automatically inserted for you in the Story Stream. To add a location:

  • Click the blue "+Location" button in the Tools Toolbar on the right side of your screen and type in the name of the Location where your story takes place.
  • Select a photo, add an optional description, set the time of day, and choose whether this will be an inside shot (INT.) or an outside shot (EXT.).
    Finally, click the checkmark to add your Location to Scene 1.
  • Prefer Keyboard Shortcuts? Use CTRL+ENTER to bring up Quick Add, TAB down to the Location marker, and fill in applicable details before hitting ENTER once more to insert the Location.   

Step 2: Add Action

SoCreate’s blue “+Action” button should be used for Action Descriptions, Character Descriptions, and Scene Description so it’s formatted correctly when you export your story to the traditional screenplay format. To add Action:

  • Click the "+ Action" button on the right-hand side of your screen and then type your Action Description (or use SHIFT+ENTER to insert Action from within the Story Stream).

For example, "A man in a red suit limps over to the table where a disheveled woman is already sitting. She looks up and whispers.”

Step 3: Add a Character & Dialogue

Now that you’ve added Action start building your Character roster! To add a new Character:

  • Click the “+Character” button on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Type the Character's name, then fill in their details like Character type and age.
  • Change the Character’s image if you’d like, then click the checkmark to add your Character (Or use CTRL+ENTER to bring up Quick Add, hit TAB, then type in your Character name and details, and hit ENTER).
  • Now, start typing dialogue to give that Character something to say!

Step 4: Add Another Character

Now that you’ve added one Character add another to give your first Character someone to interact with. Remember, adding a Character is as easy as:

  • Clicking the “+Character” button on the right-hand side of your screen and filling in the details or pressing CTRL+ENTER to bring up Quick Add to add a new Character.
  • Now, start typing to give your second Character something to say to your first Character.

Step 5: Continue Adding Action & Dialogue to Complete Your Scene

You’ve learned everything you need to know to write your first full scene using SoCreate. Just keep adding Action and Dialogue to complete the scene.

  • Characters you’ve already created will be stored on the left-hand side of your screen in your Story Toolbar.
  • Click their face to insert a Dialogue item for them so you can give them more to say!
  • Remember that if you want to introduce new characters and add dialogue for them, just use the +Character button on the right-hand side of your screen to create your new Character and insert Dialogue. You can also do this by typing CRTL+ENTER then TAB once, then type your new Character’s name and press ENTER.

Step 6: Preview Your Screenplay in the Traditional Format

Preview your screenplay in the industry-standard format at any time during your writing process. To preview your screenplay:

  • Click the SoCreate logo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, then click “Export / Print” from the dropdown menu or you can simply type CTRL+P.

SoCreate will generate a preview of your professionally formatted script so you can always see how it looks in real time.

Step 7: Add a New Scene

Now that you’ve finished your first scene, it’s time to add a new one. To add a new scene:

  • Click the blue “+Story Structure” button on the right-hand side of your screen or use CTRL+ENTER to bring up Quick Add and TAB to the Story Structure item.
  • Choose “Add Scene” and decide whether the scene should happen before or after Scene 1. Then, click the checkmark (or ENTER if using Keyboard Shortcuts) to add your new scene.
  • From here, add your Location, Character Dialogue, and Action, as you learned in previous steps.
  • Acts and Sequences can also be added through the “+Story Structure” button or by using CTRL+ENTER to bring up Quick Add and TAB to Story Structure.

Step 8: Export Your Screenplay

Once you’re finished writing your story in SoCreate, it’s time to share it with the world! To export your story to the industry-standard format:

  • Click the SoCreate logo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. From the menu that appears, click “Export / Print” to preview your script. You can also type CTRL+P to see your script preview.
  • From here, you can export your script as a PDF File or Final Draft Document (.FDX File) or save it as a SoCreate backup file or simply click the print icon to print your script.  

Writing with SoCreate is more fun and productive than using traditional screenwriting software like Final Draft. Best of all, your stories are always with you in the cloud and accessible on any device. Get started today!