The Voyage of Light – An Illuminating Lesson With SoCreate

Lesson Plan: The Voyage of Light - An Illuminating Journey With SoCreate

This lesson plan sets out on a captivating cosmic journey, tracing the path of a beam of light from the Sun to the Earth. By creating a dialogue-driven narrative with SoCreate, this exploration of light's journey becomes an unforgettable learning experience, sparking curiosity and enhancing students' understanding of this astronomical process.


By the end of this lesson, students should be able to explain the journey of light from the Sun to the Earth and demonstrate their understanding by creating a narrative script using SoCreate.

Materials Required

Computers with access to SoCreate platform.


Introduction to Light's Journey:

Begin the lesson by introducing the concept of light's journey - its origin from the Sun, traveling in space, entering Earth's atmosphere, and reaching us.

Storytelling and Science:

Explain how we're going to understand this concept better by creating a dialogue-driven story where our main character is a photon of light named "Lucy" traveling from the Sun to the Earth.

Using SoCreate:

Provide a brief walkthrough of SoCreate to the students. Show them how to create a new project and how to add dialogue, actions, and scenes.

Scriptwriting Activity:

Now, let the students create their own scripts on SoCreate. The scripts should revolve around the adventures of "Lucy" as she makes her way to Earth. Here's an example:

Sharing and Discussion:

After students have written their scripts, invite them to share their scripts with the class. Facilitate a discussion about Lucy's journey and the concepts of light travel.