SoCreate for Education

  • Foster creativity & digital literacy in a visual, engaging way
  • Use storytelling to enhance critical thinking across subjects
  • Easy to adopt platform works on any browser-enabled device
Students using SoCreate in a classroom

Igniting the Creative Spark in Young Writers

Welcome to SoCreate, where we're committed to fueling the imaginative fires of tomorrow's storytellers. Our dynamic storytelling and screenwriting platform offers a rich, interactive, and visual experience to K-12 students while aiding teachers in their quest to nurture the next generation of writers.

Rich Learning Resources At Your Fingertips

Beyond a storytelling and scriptwriting tool, SoCreate is a comprehensive learning platform. Our Education Blog is chock-full of insightful tutorials, creative prompts, and robust lesson plans, all designed to complement classroom instruction among a variety of subjects and guide students on their writing journey.

Seamless Setup and Unparalleled Support

Forget complex installations and technical hitches. SoCreate for Education integrates smoothly into your classrooms, fitting comfortably with a range of desktop and mobile devices to promote digital literacy inside the classroom and out. And in case of any bumps on the road? Our dedicated support team is always on hand to get you back on track quickly.

Affordable and Secure

Balancing quality education with budget constraints is crucial. That's why SoCreate for Education is competitively priced without compromising on the security of your students' data. We even offer educational discounts to ensure our cutting-edge writing technology is accessible to all schools.

Enhancing Creativity and Imagination

Give flight to your students' imaginations with SoCreate. Our platform provides an interactive and engaging environment that nurtures individual creativity, helping each student to discover and develop their unique writing style.

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