Teaching Phonics and Word Recognition With SoCreate

Lesson Plan: Teaching Phonics and Word Recognition With SoCreate

We provide a a unique lesson plan below that uses the SoCreate platform to introduce phonics and word recognition—an essential component of English language arts—in an engaging way.

With this lesson, we make phonics and word recognition a creative, fun, and interactive journey. By integrating SoCreate into the teaching process, we ensure students not only gain a solid understanding of English sounds but also experience the joy of collaborative learning.


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify and pronounce specific phonemes (sounds) correctly, improve word recognition, and develop an understanding of how sounds and words work together in a script.

Materials Needed

SoCreate software, a projector or smart board for classroom demonstration.

Lesson Steps

Introduction (10 minutes):

Begin the class by discussing the importance of sounds in words and how they form the basis of our language. Explain how specific sounds or phonemes appear in words and make each word unique.

Demonstration (15 minutes):

Use SoCreate to create a simple script that emphasizes the phoneme you're focusing on. Project this script onto the board for the class to see, read it aloud, and encourage the students to identify the repeated phoneme.

Activity (20 minutes):

Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a different phoneme. Have each group use SoCreate to create their script, incorporating words that contain the assigned phoneme. Ensure the students write a variety of sentences to practice word recognition.

Presentation (15 minutes):

Allow each group to present their script to the class, emphasizing the phoneme in their words. As each group presents, encourage the rest of the class to actively listen and identify the repeated phoneme.